Daily Essential Nutrients Powder: mood supplement

Here I give my thoughts on the Hardy multivitamin & mineral formula with a once-over from the Brain of Rachel.

First, let’s look at some key mood nutrients that are in the Hardy formula.

  • lithium orotate in trace amount
  • ALA
  • acetyl L-carnitine
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine
  • L-methionine

I cannot address these in this post.  Refer to my list of Mood Repair Books.

Main takeaway. Yes, you might need these key mood nutrients. But, you might also need different ones, or some other ones that are not included in the Hardy formula.  Tailoring this to yourself would be important over the long run.  One strategy would be to try one bottle of the Hardy formula and see if it makes any difference.  If it does, and you want to improve or save money, read on… This post is about combining products.

My caveat: I haven’t done a price comparison yet. I suspect my plan shaves off some dollars. It’s not easier, but it’s likely cheaper. The Hardy formula could get super expensive for an adult. And, my point in this post is that the Hardy is not as complete. The money that I would “save” on my basic multivitamin (which is pretty much what the Hardy formula is), goes toward purchasing the additional bonus supplements that I take.


Piece together a less expensive regimen. It might look similar to mine, with some tweaks. 
Start with a multivitamin such as Thorne Research Basic Nutrients 2/day.  I take two and my daughter takes one capsule per day. This is already higher in the major B vitamins (yes, methylated).  It also contains the vitamin K in ample amount. The minerals are chelated.
Add Seeking Health Optimal PC for your choline and inositol in premium form for brain support.
Use Redmond RealSalt for all your food salting needs. This gives you trace minerals including lithium, boron, vanadium, nickel.  Note that these are not in chelated form. Buy more unsalted meats (instead of sausages) so that you can use more of your own salt at home. If you’re putting in a teaspoon or two of salt to a batch of food because you started with unsalted ingredients, this is going to be a good thing.
You could add some Vitamin E (since the multivitamin doesn’t contain as much as the Hardy formula).  Or eat some egg yolks and almonds.
You might add more:
  • calcium (or high quality dairy and spinach)
  • copper – some mood disorders need more, some need less.

Power Up!  Add-ons

Other things you would add that weren’t in the original Hardy formula anyway (not included in that $129 pricetag)
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega (fish oil).
I also add for myself KAL B-6, B-12 Folic Acid Drop Ins (mis-named “folic acid” because it’s actually folate on the facts label).  I buy this on Amazon.com
Any additional vitamin D you might need.  I buy Thorne Research D & K drops. Cost per drop is cheap. One bottle per year.
collagen – which you can count toward your protein needs for the day (count as a super food).  This contains lots of glycine which is calming.  I buy various kinds of this (tablets, gelatin powder, broth powder). Email me for details.
magnesium – try Magtein (Magnesium L-Threonate).  I buy NOW brand on Amazon.com

Supplements (If you shop on Amazon)

last time I bought my Nordic Naturals fish oil capsules on Amazon.com, I purchased a bottle of 180 capsules but received a bottle of only 120. Now I looked back and the seller is BZ Electronics. Neither of these pieces of info set well with me. I’ll be looking back to my other supplement sources in the future. One of them is Thrive Market, for convenience. I have never yet achieved a complete auto-ship situation for my supplements. Sigh.

Fish Taco Time

This is THE BOMB recipe that will wake up your fish sticks or any kind of fish taco or broiled fish, tuna, etc. Make it up ahead of time so that you have it on hand for summer lunches.


Trader Joe’s standby

Photo of 7 of my favorite easy snacks from Trader Joe’s

Actually the Fruit & Nuts discs are new and I will try them refrigerated and frozen. The flavor isn’t awesome, but good enough and I like the chewy texture. Texture variety in my food is important to me!

Achieved this trellis flowers

iPhone user – not quite as much

I just installed these 2 apps on my iPhone. So far, so good. now I need to find something for my Windows tablet. Can a person really be addicted to email and blogging?



Both of these are from the same developer. He shows his face in the app and it feels like he really cares about this app. So far, I’m impressed.

RECIPE: Thai Bowls

Make two sauces and noodles ahead of time. Then assemble bowls whenever you are hungry, throughout the week. For best results, re-heat the noodles.

What’s the difference between Boats or Bowls? A boat is good for kids (think like a nacho bar)–each person assembles their own toppings onto romaine leaves and eat with hands. A Bowl is a more civilized and easier to assemble–layer the ingredients into a bowl and eat with a fork. With a Bowl, we could call it a salad, but the difference is that we expect it to have a complete meal in the bowl, with protein, carb, veggies, sauce and some of the elements might even be warm. The important thing is: Feed people tasty food. Continue reading

Ladies, your favorite time of the month

OK, so here’s some FYI… I like to at least mention certain things every so often for people who have never heard of them. Lots of technological advances haven’t yet been passed down from your mother’s generation to you, for example. Continue reading


And, I have been thinking that when we get to Denver, I will do a SIMPLE, QUICK, EASY gratitude/prayer thing in the mornings where the kids and I light a candle FOR A SPECIFIC PERSON THAT DAY. And, we WRITE on a scrap of paper and put it near the candle, why we appreciate that person and any prayer request we have for them. It may take the formality and religiosity out of the thing and make it concrete. I think it will help my kids PRACTICE THINKING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE.

Read on… This is a great post!


What I think about visionary journaling

I sit down to write for a prescribed journaling exercise. It asks me about the things I’ve done to support other people in life, and then what would it look like to do the same kinds of things for myself.

I have thoughts.

I have low serotonin.

I get about so far as to lean my face into my palms and listen to the sounds in the quiet room–some bird chirping far away through glass; the water filter chugging away and squeaking in the basement. I decide: If I can’t even decide to give myself a nap right now, do I really need a bucket list dream plan to figure out if I should go back to college??

OK, the answers could be dialed down a notch, like, say, for me. I mean, the journal exercise seems to be written in a very-self friendly way, and I could make up all my own answers. Very subjective. But, I can’t even write answer no. 2, even while it may be helpful for me to take stock and become aware of what my relationship with myself is really like. But, the point is… PLAN to do some things for myself?? vs. just go do something for myself?

Taking a nap is very personal; is so not glamorous or inspiring to anyone else; won’t put a dent in my to do list; a nap won’t walk the dog, put away groceries, or provide food for anyone.

It’s only for me. But, I don’t need a worksheet introspective spiritual journey journaling exercise to figure out: ain’t nothing going to happen, even if I write it down, if I cannot go take a nap. This person who wrote that worksheet might not be the guru for me, at this time. I just need the guru that pops up 4 times a day and says, "Umm, Rachel, don’t eat that chocolate right now. Rachel, go take a nap right now. Rachel, don’t check your email right now. Rachel, load the dishwasher and shut down the house now and go to sleep yourself." Essentially that would be like a PDA (personal digital assistant) reminding me, only better–it would NOT be a PDA. Instead, it would be a holographic mother image 3 times as large as a human and would hover around watching me until I did the things. Kind of, essentially, like a deity of old, watching my every move to see if I do a good job going through life. The very nitty gritty life. And, treating myself kindly.