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Sunscreen Skin Care

Want less toxic sunscreen that works?  Share this with your family and friends.

Here’s, my sunscreen approach

1. Protect facial, ears and back of neck, and other areas sensitive to age spots / freckling.

For this I use one of these, which are much less likely to give acne:
  • Mychelle. The one NOT to get SPF 28. The one to get is SPF30. I like to purchase from Amazon, but you can get it from from Whole Foods or Mychelle online direct–They have an email promo list you can join.
  • Vanicream – purchase at Costco pharmacy or Target. This one is for sure okay to use your HSA funds if you have that through your job. I suspect all sunscreen could be paid for with HSA--which might be easiest if you take it to the pharmacy counter to pay (depends upon how your HSA works, and you can likely submit a claim as a last resort.)

2. Rest of the body:

For arms legs, etc. I like to have a spray but NOT one of those fine misters. First of all, they are toxic chemicals and secondly, when people spray them, you can see the mist going into the air, hence into their lungs. At the waterpark, I can see the mist hanging in the air and I can smell it almost constantly. The sprayer heads on my favorites deliver a SPATTER of cream that is easier than a squeeze bottle and it’s safe. You can see the spray heads are the same type on these two brands:
  • Kiss My Face (not just for face)
  • Alba
I think I purchased Alba from but I’m sure you will find it other places.
Buy the one with a spray head. But, if you have to get a tube, note: Get Alba. The Kiss My Face brand in a TUBE left a pasty, white mess on the skin. The Alba rubs in nicely.
Of course, it is best to get your daily dose of vitamin D before you apply the sunscreen. Also, I protect my face, ears and back of neck all the time and WEAR A BRIMMED HAT.
Be sure NOT to apply any citrusy essential oils to the skin for 12 hours prior to sun exposure.

3. After sun:

I love a lotion with green tea. Abra* Green Tea (lemongrass). This one is harder to find, but I get it from
*Notice Alba and Abra are two different brands.
The green tea lotion on a sunburn. Also lavender essential oil is good for any kind of burn. Drinking green tea. And lots of antioxidants – such as taking a buffered vitamin C or rosehips.
Also, try to wash off sunscreen at the end of the day before bed.

Rachel’s Protein Shake

June 2015

2 Tbsp. Collagen Hydrolysate

Half serving of Orgain (1 scoop)

Alternatives in Protein Powders See Protein Powders

about 1/2-1 tsp. of milk thistle seed powder (for fiber and liver health)

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (I do not measure. It’s low calorie.)


No lumps. Best way to shake it: put 1/2 cup liquid in a jar. Put the powder on top and shake. Helps also to have an ice cube—acts as a shaker ball. Little bits of ice are annoying when trying to down the shake.

Mix powders first before  you add liquid. If you have clumps in your powder, they will not shake out. Mixing all the powders ahead contributes to smoother end product.

Fast Food. I usually measure up several servings into dry, cleaned 12 oz mayo jars. So, when I put in my water I just make sure to shake it immediately and vigorously!

Other things you can add:

Greenfood powder (I like to take mine separately and not every day)

Potato starch to feed your gut flora

Chia seeds for minerals and fiber


Organic peanut butter powder

KAL stevia extract powder

unsweetened Cocoa powder

frozen strawberries or blueberries in the blender

The Liquids:

Cheapest liquid: water.

Creamier shake: Any type of milk beverage…

  1. Goat milk
  2. Raw milk (for dairy tolerant)
  3. Non-homogenized milk, low-temp/Vat pasteurized
  4. Or for non-dairy folks like me:
    • Silk brand NON-GMO unsweetened Almond Milk Beverage (Many grocery stores. Costco customers: Vanilla flavor comes in a box of 3 half-gallons)
    • Blue Diamond brand unsweetened Almond Milk from the refrigerator section of many grocery stores
  5. Use your imagination – kefir, yogurt in blender
Bliss Granola and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate beverage

Bliss Granola and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate beverage. Use chocolate milk in your protein shake to up the yumminess!

Chocolate Blast!

When my protein powder contains cocoa, I like to use chocolate milk. I order a case of 12 quarts which are shelf stable.

Shown here next to my daughter’s favorite granola (which also comes in Gluten Free). She loves chocolate too.


Protein Powders

Fast Protein before or after workout, or On-the-Go convenience

Today’s Inquiry:  I take my protein shake in my workout morning food routine and any other time that I need a quick fix. But, I also have found that I like sheep’s milk yogurt and it works great before a workout. So, compare the yogurt to the protein shake.

Quick Answer: I love sheep’s milk yogurt, but it is a bit expensive. So, I’m considering it a healthy treat. Meanwhile, my protein shakes are a convenient and lower-cost start to my morning workout routine.

Answer:  Let’s look at the 3 tiers of ingredients that I currently justify for my shake routine.

  1. Collagen is one of my must-have supplements (I purchased a case of Great Lakes Gelatin brand collagen last year the day before my 40th birthday). You can see the cost is not that high. Here’s another blogger’s post about the benefits and another quality brand. If you’re a Lazy Primalist, go buy some. If you are trying to up your protein, the cost of adding on the collagen is a no-brainer because nutritionally speaking you probably need it to balance with eating muscle meats. It is supposed to have many health benefits making it a must-have if you are not into a perpetual stock pot, as Lazy Primalists are NOT!  I started taking it for joint health, but supposedly it helps prevent constipation, increase stomach acid (better digestion), deter aging, and balance hormones, and it completes the protein profile when paired with muscle meats.
  2. Yogurt: Also get yourself whatever kind of yogurt you can tolerate because that’s a great food to have in your diet. For anyone like me who is cow-dairy protein intolerant, the sheep or goat yogurt is a great option if you so desire, but it’s a little expensive to use as a protein shake. What I do: Use the Black Sheep yogurt or a goat yogurt as a dip or as a treat. (In other words, I consider it a protein supplement like I would a protein shake but I don’t actually use it in my shake, because it’s too special for that. I enjoy it on the spoon.)
  3. Protein base:
    A. Whey protein – I won’t go into the research on whey protein, but I believe it’s so good that I will give it to my kids at times. I keep it in the house for my husband and kids. And, if I could tolerate it, I would use it regularly instead of plant protein powder. It’s nutritionally superior. But, I cannot do cow dairy. And, I do not like the taste of goat whey protein—I’d rather eat goat yogurt straight up. Nutritionally, I would encourage you to try whey, if you can.
    B. Beef-based protein shake. I’ve tried the chocolate before and it’s actually quite good! However, due to price, I haven’t continued. Determine the overall quality of your diet and consider this product as a choice for your protein supplement.
    C. Plant protein powders are the third-tier—if you cannot tolerate whey protein, and if you need the extra protein, it may be “cheap enough.” Or, you may like my logic: Orgain is a convenient powder that already contains the erythritol, stevia and cocoa powder and works as a flavor base for my protein shake. I like that it’s digestible before my workout (fatty foods give me cramps if they are not digested before exercise).

Powder type




Where I purchase

Other places you could purchase

2 Tbsp.

Collagen Hydrolysate



50 cals

Great Lakes Gelatin in 6-canister case. I am also going to switch brands to …

1 scoop




75 cals


4 oz.

Black Sheep yogurt



100 cals

My local co-op The Wedge. I purchase a case at 10% discount. Individual carton will cost more.

Ask your local health food store.

More options for protein powders

1 scoop

Natural Factors Whey Factors (chocolate)



80 cals, The Wedge

Many others. Try

Mt. Capra Goat Whey Protein

Pure Bulk powdered proteins powdered proteins

Peanut Flour—for flavor!

I don’t even count the calories, fat or protein, because it’s so low. You will in fact get 3 g protein in 2 Tbsp. added to your shake.

Costco carries Honeyville brand ORGANIC peanut flour! You can use it so many ways. This is a must have on your Costco shopping list. If you cannot shop at Costco, you’ll have to do some research because I contacted Honeyville in 2015 and they told me that they do not have plans to bring this ORGANIC product to their online store. At this point, I consider this yet another reason to love Costco.

Rachel’s Costco Picks


  • Orgain protein powder
  • Amazing Grass Green Food powder (but check ingredients – I cannot tolerate the FOS/inulin)
  • Vanicream sunscreenpurchase at Costco pharmacy. Use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for this, tax-free! (Also avail at Target)
  • Epsom Salt. Put this in your bath and soak 20 minutes to get an infusion of magnesium. Helps tired, cramped muscles.



Organic Tortilla Chips. Honorable mention for cheapest, most popular and versatile snack crunchy thingy.


Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers with 6 seeds. GLUTEN FREE. Hexagon-shaped crackers. Tastier than Mary’s Gone Crackers.

Mary’s Gone Crackers. GLUTEN FREE. A very simple cracker with big crunch. Simple ingredients


Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa. Erik’s favorite

Kirkland Oven-Dried Organic Roma Tomatoes. Large jar. Tons of flavor. Add to pizza, tomato sauce, sauteed veggies like zucchini, cheese, Italian-themed dinners or starchy Primal/gluten free crust/bread of your choosing.

Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes Fire Roasted. 6-pack cans. Good base of flavor for a soup, chili, or sauce to go on sauteed vegetables. Better flavor than non-roasted tomatoes.

Artichoke Hearts in Water. 2-pack Large Jars. Use this for a recipe which I will post soon.

Olives. There are several varieties available. Kalamata in a large jar are good. I happen to like canned black olives.

Red Lentil Penne One Ingredient Pasta. GLUTEN FREE and higher in protein than other pastas. My other pasta choice would be brown-rice pasta.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottle.

Avacado Oil Mayonnaise.

Seasonally. Look for bag of dried mushrooms. I pulverize these to add flavor to homemade ranch dressing (even Erik, who doesn’t like mushrooms at all, will eat my homemade ranch!) Mushrooms are high in some minerals and are low-carb.

Black Beans. ORGANIC

Tasty Bite Madras Lentils. Yellow & Red box. Lazy food which my 9 year old loves. Hey, try a box when they’re on sale. Can go Mex or Indian.


Coconut Oil. Orange lid. 2-pack plastic jars.

Peanut Flour – Honeyville brand ORGANIC peanut flour

Organic raw honey. I actually don’t buy this because I use local honey (Ames Farm from The Wedge).

Pecans. or Walnuts. Toast these at home. They add great flavor to snacks, treats, salads. Freeze to store excess before toasting.


Chia seeds. PRIMAL

Hemp Hearts (shelled seeds). High protein and high in GLA, an important Essential Fatty.


Kirkland Chunk Light Skipjack Tuna in Water. Responsibly harvested. 12-can pack with Turquoise wrapper.

Kirkland Chicken stock or vegetable stock ORGANIC. This is NOT the same as homemade stock—homemade stock is vastly more nutritious. But, I keep this on hand for helping me make certain dishes. Since it is shelf-stable there’s no reason not to keep some on hand.


Cucumbers. Often used in lieu of crackers for dips.



Shrimp cocktail in deli tray. Super Lazy.

Hummus cups. These are an easy addition to lunch box. Because they are single-serving, you don’t end up with moldy left-over hummus! They actually keep in the fridge for a good long while. File the box upright in the fridge (like a book on a shelf) to save space. Sesame Tahini is a super food. This is one way to get it.


Holland Goat Cheese. This cheese has a great flavor like cheddar, creamy, melts. I use on pizza, salads, snacking, crackers, marinara, with summer sausage. If I want a non-cow cheese to eat plain or with a glass of wine, this is the one!

TNUVA *Kosher Feta, Sheep’s Milk. Look near the Kosher foods which is by the dips and smoked fish (packaged deli goods)

Kerrygold Butter. Shiny gold box. THE LUCK OF THE IRISH. I stock up on this and plan to never run out! Put in a ziploc bag and freeze some.

Silk Almond Milk. Unsweetened. Non-GMO. Three in a box. Keeps in the fridge if you have space. I almost never have almond milk go bad.


Get your toilet paper and laundry soap, especially if there’s a sale. You can stock up for the apocalypse. People say they don’t have enough room in their house. Hey, there’s plenty of room! Find a nook or a cranny. Even if you forget about it for now, if the apocalypse does come, you’ll be thinking, “Hey, I wonder if I have any T.P. hidden away somewhere. You’ll go looking and it will be there for you when  you need it and then you’ll be thanking The Lazy Primalist.

This is a great chance to get the Eco-Friendly laundry soap or the Free & Clear (if you have sensitive skin at all).


Suja Juice. My main reason for this is to get my lemon juice in the morning in the fastest way. I just can squeeze them that early in the day.


Quinoa & Kale. ORGANIC. Totally Lazy.

Berries. Primal at it’s best. Nutritionally sound and keeps for a good while. Raspberries defrost in a bowl for one of the easiest Lazy treats ever.

Pineapple. Use to make a blender smoothie with: fresh avocado, lime juice, almond/coconut milk, egg yolk.

Jones Sausage links. Maybe. I list this for the Lazy folks. Hey, they’re pre-cooked, People!

Udi’s bread. This is a very large loaf. The loaves in the health food store are smaller. But, you can keep it in the freezer. I actually prefer the Chia-Millet variety from other stores. But, this is a cheaper go-to option.

Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Cakes. Mostly potato but green enough to indicate that they do have spinach in them. Good onion flavor. Best browned in butter. Serve with apple sauce and either sour cream or yogurt (sheep’s milk yogurt).