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Women’s Hormone Real-Food Supplements

Update Aug 18, 2016:  Please read my follow up post here:

Seed Rotation Diet for Improvement of Female Hormone Cycle

Hey, Ladies!

This one’s for you.  Here’s an update for what I’m doing with my morning protein shake.

I learned this from

What you want to know, is that I eat certain types of seeds on particular days of the month to hopefully impact my estrogen and progesterone cycles, to help smooth out the hormone curves over the course of my monthly cycle.  I hope to see an improvement in all of my cyclic symptoms.  The improvement may take 6-8 weeks to detect.  I am doing this in the context of an overall Primal-style diet.

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Books for watercolor painting and Soul Journaling

These are picture books to inspire your Soul Journaling.  Yes, you can start soul journaling now!


Ish or Creatrilogy by Peter H. Reynolds. Ish is a little story about drawing and getting past needing the drawing to look realistic or perfect. You may find that you are willing to draw things “ish” instead of perfect.

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RECIPE: Tao Bowls

Special Thanks to Tao Natural Foods Cafe in Minneapolis, MN.

Serve like you would a taco bar (buffet style), where people can choose their toppings.

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Geared up for fat loss

Bitters are my secret weapon starting today to help me with my boredom of food as well as cravings. (And I’m getting back to basics with my food.)

Essential reading:
Jim MacDonald on bitters

Is there anyone out there who is actively working on fat loss? What are you doing to achieve your goals?


DIY: Staining Wood Trim

What you want to know:  Buy your wood stain at Hirschfield’s, not Home Depot!  To see my evidence…

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Soul Journaling 101

Friends, this is how you, yes you, can get started in Soul Journaling.  I sent a set of the materials to my mom, who I know will use them. Dear Mom, this post is for you.  Everything I learned about Soul Journaling started with Linda Bergh.  If you happen to be in Minneapolis, take a class with Linda Bergh!

You do not need to have any artistic skills.

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RECIPE: Wedge Lentil Soup

My food co-op store in Minneapolis is now publishing $2 per serving seasonal recipes!  This should chase away the canned soup blues. Continue reading

Ace your next photo op

Quick tips here.  4 tips to help you get a better photo of yourself the next time someone aims the camera at you.  Hey, you might needs this for employment, too, right?  Time to update your LinkedIn and other online photos?

How to be more photogenic

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