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Paleo Women Podcast

I am cuing up some podcasts I found on the site. I just wanted to share now, quickly for your holiday break listening pleasure or add to your "listen later" list in Stitcher.

I love my Stitcher app!

Christmas cookies!

The Lazy Primalist and all aspiring Lazy People should enlist an industrious or particularly holiday-enthusiastic person to bake cookies with the kids.

Mantra for the holidays: “I am a facilitator.”

Then retreat while it happens.

Then reappear to eat (only a couple).

Healthier Holidays to You!

Over the years, Erik and have gained ground on healthier life habits, but we are aware the big temptations of the year are ahead of us. I enlisted my Mom and Sis to text me about things they are eating that are NOT loaded with carbs and sugar. We can encourage each other!

What are your encouragers?  Pick someone to encourage you on a habit you know will be a challenge for you this holiday season!  Have a plan for at least some check-ins!

Here’s one of my healthy habits…

A breakfast plan. My jars ready with my seed routine (which I am doing as a month’s long experiment for female hormone health). I measure in items ahead of time, so I have several mornings’ worth of time savers.

Do you have some jars? What can you put in them?

RECIPE: Simple Hot Cider

Here’s how I throw together a hot drink quickly for Halloween or winter holidays.  Keep the shelf stable “cider” in your pantry, and you can whip this up anytime the mood strikes. Continue reading

BRAINSTORM: Perk up Family Food

Today, my sister-in-law called me to ask me about what kinds of things I buy at Costco to help her perk up their family meals and breakfasts. Guess where I was! Yep, you guessed it. I was in Costco.  So, we talked my way through Costco just brainstorming ideas for her family, and trying to be healthy on a budget.

Maybe you will like some of these ideas right now for the holiday crunch time. These aren’t the ideas I told my sister in law. These are the ideas I had after our talk.  Welcome to another installment from the Brain of Rachel.

Continue reading

RECIPE: Easy fruit pie

Quick tip for Lazy holiday pie!

Use a 9 by 13 pan then a store bought crust. Don’t have to crimp the edges or make it look pretty just lay it flat. You can put a crust on the bottom too!

For a more Primal version of a crust, make a crisp. Don’t put any crisp stuff on the bottom; just put the pie filling in the pan then top it with a mixture of butter almond flour and chopped pecans with a little bit of stevia added for sweetness.

Soul Journaling 201

LYRA Water-Soluble Colored PencilsFeeling a little more confident in your skills with the waterbrush?  I’ve found some great little products (at good prices) to extend your talents.

Here are water brush pens, paper, blank journals, paper brands and a video about using water color pencils with a plain-water brush. Continue reading