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Are you a filer or a piler?

The Great Purge of 2016 is under way.

If there were a facebook post on this, it would read:

"There are so many things that do not give me Joy."

“There are so many things that do not give me Joy.”

And, so, this link to an ever-so-helpful article comes to you FYI from, curated from the annals of Houzz:

I taste notes of Gretchen Rubin and just hints of the system (using document boxes) that I started to develop (and have been waylaid). I will tame this Tiger soon!  Tiger, thy stripes do not confuse me!

Gut Bacteria Affects your mood, brain

A piece of news here from the interweb of Rachel’s friends.

Also, note that the new URL for my blog is www.Rachels.FYI (caps not required)

My new blog name!

The name of my blog this year is now:

you can type in

".fyi" extension is instead of ".com"

.fyi as in For Your Information

So much cooler, yes!?

And, if you would like to hear more about a particular topic, if you have a question, please either submit on the website at, or send me an email. I’m a busy girl, but I’ll try to write about what you guys are interested in. All 20 of you. Love you all.