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Cost of Premium Puppy Food

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Cost of Premium Puppy Kibble / Food

Lengthening Menstrual Cycle (on purpose)

It’s NOT the seed rotation diet… based on my study of one (me).

  • low sugar
  • very little mammal foods (no cheese or dairy of any kind either), and higher protein (focus on fish and poultry)
  • focus on eating regularly to keep blood sugar level
  • (and by no means perfect at any of this, but certainly much better than I’ve ever done before)

… has led to a seemingly IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN MY CYCLE LENGTH, my goal which is to lengthen it from 25 days to 28 days.  (My doctor at Penny George is well versed in the hormone cycle variations, but we have not diagnosed me with that, exactly.  There are several likely hormonal reasons my cycle could be short.  My cycle does resemble estrogen dominance.)

I did notice yesterday a big drop in mood and took and extra dose (50mg) of 5htp for a total of 150mg yesterday.  I’m on Day 28 of my cycle and waiting for Irma to show up  (expecting my period any minute now).   I’m thinking, “WOW… improvement probably due to the diet!”

Diet Journal Recap:

I did that seed rotation several months.  Then over a month ago I decided to drop it.  I haven’t been getting exercise since June, so everything I’ve achieved points more toward dietary changes.  I started a new campaign of “don’t eat mammals if I can help it” and eat more fish and poultry.  Also, continued nearly constant improvements toward lower sugar, etc.  Major help from 5-HTP and the mood supplements I’m on.  Travel wasn’t too bad.  I felt like I was losing body fat before the trip to Michigan and even then I stalled and gained back–wasn’t measuring but I could tell.   Had most sugar on daughter’s birthday.  Otherwise pretty darn good.  Some extra chocolate, as I was at my Mom’s house and surrounded by treats and not busy with my normal work.  However, this was the most I’ve been able to stick to my dietary goals while traveling, ever!  Taking 5htp and my improved supplement regimen is absolutely the reason for craving control and my improved mood (but don’t take 5htp unless you learn more about serotonin deficiency.  It’s best to consult a doctor. Learn about when not to take 5htp, like if you are taking an SSRI.)  These supplements are helping A LOT, but also my determination to stick to this diet.
So, that’s to explain that I think that my diet has really gotten overall, much much better than in many years past. For me.  Including overall hardly any sugar. And more protein and vegetables.  Those who know I’ve been eating healthfully for many years will understand the significance.
So, I’ve been back from the trip for over a week. For the past 10 days I’ve been using a daily system of recording what I eat and using standardized portion sizes from Paleo Weight Loss for Women by Stefani Ruper (I used the “Low Fat” version of her plan which I think works great for the summer harvest time so I can eat lots of vegetables and fruits, but low fat.  I may try the low-carb/high-fat diet in the winter).
This means that all of the above leads to THIS CYCLE:  a 27+ day cycle, which for me was a measurable goal to improve my hormones, and shift from a short cycle to a longer more “normal” cycle.
This is significant because the seed rotation didn’t really do much of anything to me.  Even then I was eating fairly “healthy” by most standards.  But, not good enough.  It’s Paleo for Women that is doing it so far.  Now, I keep doing the work and hope to see some body fat melt off soon.

whey powders

I’ll be honest, I’m not going to do a lot more price checking. I’ve done it intensely in the past and learned enough to know I can spot check things now. I found sources I like and I tend to stick to those now. I still usually do at least one comparison on things that I buy on And, I know that if I can get something in bulk, whether that be at Costco or a bulk-specialist, then it’s likely to be a good deal. Rarely can a “sale” beat a bulk price. Or maybe I should say that sale prices can get into the ballpark with the bulk products.

With this in mind, then, let’s take a look with a quick brain dump about where to buy your whey protein, be it cow or goat. Or, even your vegan, non-dairy options.

This Naked Whey goat whey on is on sale right now at $17.99 per pound.

And, while Mt. Capra is a highly regarded goats’ products brand, and I have taken it before, the lower cost option is at See all the bulk protein powders here.

Q: Is protein isolate good?
A: No. Go for a concentrate, not an isolate.

Brands that I would trust: There are a lot of new “Paleo” brands out there, but always check the labeling and online customer comments for true Grass-Fed whey. My kids have been drinking Natural Factors. BioChem is popular also for a quality-meets-price option.

I recently purchased this chocolate cow’s whey on Amazon (bodylogix), based on decent price and reviews that said it tasted great. The packaging is very earth-friendly. It looks like a big canister, but it’s made out of a brown paper material. My daughter hasn’t tasted it yet.

Whenever doing experiments at home to try to mimic a commercially blended product, I have never been able to get flavors to match those in commercial products. My son enjoys vanilla, so I buy Natural Factors vanilla flavor. My daughter enjoys chocolate, but since we add other things to the shake, she likes to add extra cocoa, so what I’ll be doing for her is use bulk, plain whey and mix-master our own–that way we save money on bulk whey. In other words, if you really want a smooth tasting flavored product, you may need to stick with a commercially blended product whose taste you already prefer.

I would strongly suggest goat whey to everyone. However, if the taste is prohibitive, use cow’s whey if you tolerate it. f you don’t tolerate goat or cow whey then consider using a plant protein only if and when you really need a quick block of protein. And, in that case, don’t buy a lot of it and do keep it in the fridge.

Buy yourself some whey protein powder today, along with some (hydrolyzed) collagen and then make yourself a blend for your daily mood-boosting protein shake.

Basic Protein shake for neurotransmitters and gut health

This is a protein shake that my kids and I have been taking and will continue on through maybe forever. My kids have entered the almost-puberty stage and don’t like to eat regularly. I will give them a choice for the school year whether to take the protein shake in the morning for breakfast. Or, if they want to eat food for breakfast, then I will bring the protein shake when I pick them up for school. I started doing the after school shake for my 3rd grade daughter last year and since they are so hungry right after school, it is sure to get scarfed down!

For the Brain:

  1. Collagen (hydrolyzed type, which dissolves in water)
  2. Whey (cow, goat or any type you can tolerate)
  3. Fat as avocado, coconut milk, coconut butter or dairy fat in your milk
  4. take a vitamin C supplement with this.
  5. Take your other amino acids, vitamin and mineral supplements.
  6. Optional: Egg yolk, full of choline and vitamins for the brain.

Use high quality ingredients!

For the Gut:

4. Fiber, covered by the avocado and fruit or can add flax or chia seed meal
5. Probiotic
6. Resistant Starch*: Unmodified Potato Starch or Plantain flour or green banana flour
*I prefer to take my resistant starch at bedtime with my probiotic supplement. Take yours whenever you take your probiotic food or supplements.

Optional Flavorings, mix-n-match:

  • For the Whey above, try Natural Factors Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla.
  • Fruit, berries, cherries. Keep stock of frozen fruits on hand.
  • Honey or Stevia and/or erythritol. Truvia packets. Rachel uses KAL brand 100% stevia extract powder which is very economical and potent.
  • Liquid Stevia extracts come in many flavors.
  • Milk (any type you can tolerate if it fits your dietary needs)
  • Peanut butter flour (Honeyville brand Organic can be found at Costco)
  • Instant coffee granules (look for Mt. Hagen brand. I use decaf.)
  • Dandy Blend powder
  • Baking cocoa

Add your greenfood powder if you take one!

Another, different, Amino Acid product

If you are researching amino acids for mood repair, you’ll want to see this one:

Costco rocks! The Mayo

Whey and Collagen daily for neurotransmitter support

The combo of whey protein and collagen (gelatin) is a very good one.

I took a few minutes to look at this combo (a good reference point):

This is prepared without Tryptophan or Taurine.

My friend whose health is worse off than mine, but who has taught me a lot in chasing down these health solutions, said this year that she has been taking whey protein and doing a lot better mood wise. Chief suspect there is Tryptophan in the whey.

Collagen doesn’t have Tryptophan in it (important for making serotonin). I had taken Collagen for maybe a few months(?) and didn’t notice a real mood difference to speak of. Of course, you know I have a game-changing mood difference taking 5-HTP which is a step further along from Tryptophan. (I am starting to think about taking Tryptophan instead of 5-HTP and see how I do).

I’ve been taking Magnesium Glycinate (glycine) and now also Taurine for extra insurance. But, here’s why I’m not going to be taking the Taurine any more…

Neither whey nor collagen have Taurine. But, Taurine can be made by adult bodies from Methionine and Cystine. Collagen doesn’t have Cystine. Whey has both. Fish is also high in Taurine. For various reasons, I am increasing fish in my diet. I plan to eat fish at at least one meal per day. Sardines (in water) will be 2-3 meals per week. Also, liver, which I plan to eat once per week.

Collagen is high in Glycine. You know I love Glycine and require a good couple of doses every day. I normally get this from magnesium glycinate supplement.
(But, I’ve been thinking of trying straight glycine supplement so that I can use magnesium oil on my skin.)

So, For mood repair, if you have to choose whey OR collagen, choose whey. But, I do recommend blending the two to cover all the bases.

I’m dairy free, so I have to look at it a different way.

I will definitely stick with collagen daily. This Winter, I will try to make broth at least once a week and use all the broth for that week. I’ve found that saving it in the freezer is too much work. Just make more! And drink up the leftovers.

I will be trying to get my kids and Erik back on the protein shake daily with whey + collagen.

When I get my ears un-clogged from my crap travel diet, I will try a round of whey. I may just do goat whey. I may also try cow’s whey–maybe there is one out there that comes from A2 cows (So that traces of A1 don’t end up in my body).

Some of us are more easily sensitized to foods we eat often. That’s me. So, there’s the possibility of getting sensitized to these products if taken daily. If so, I’ll be going to a free-form amino acid blend in a pill.

To help digest the proteins and reduce the chance of sensitization, it seems prudent to be taking HCL to the degree that a person feels they need it and tolerate it. I am one who may need it and I need to get that into my repertoire on a regular basis. HCL (Such as a supplement of Betaine HCL with Pepsin) should be taken 40 minutes after a meal (anywhere from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes later is still acceptable and helpful). It “mops up” the proteins leftover which haven’t yet broken down in your stomach and gets them ready to enter your small intestine where they can get further processed and absorbed. As such, this should help those with leaky gut who have low stomach acid. Some pretty sharp people do like the work of Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, which informs us about the need for us to eat according to our blood types. Some blood types will do better using HCL.

Spiralizer attack! Veggies on the run

I’m on visiting my Mom in Michigan.

I ordered the 4-blade Spiralizer from Worl Cuisine on Amazon.

It works great! These are sweet potatoes.