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RECIPE HACK: Italian Sausage (chicken)

Here’s an easy way to make low-fat chicken Italian sausage–a product you surely will have trouble finding in the stores. Poultry, eggs and fish are major sources of protein for me. Yesterday I picked up a special order of ground chicken (from The Wedge). Tonight I’ll be putting Italian Seasoning on it and then I can use it on pizza. Continue reading

Join me on the Happify

Recommend: Happify phone app or website
It’s an app that helps you check in whenever you are waiting /not busy or at the end of a day. It’s a positive space to practice positive habits of mind. I enjoy the gratitude posts from others. We can follow each other. My nickname is:RachelsFYI

I tried giving my kids accounts. Didn’t work out so well. Might try again later. But I love it!


I just bought these supplements on Amazon

This is super quick for my family:

I’m taking my taurine and magnesium glycinate as powders cuz they’re cheaper that way. I use capsules for the family or for when I’m in a hurry.

This doesn’t represent my supplementation plan, just what I needed to restock today.

I will be using the date sugar sparingly, of course. Blood sugar regulation through proper diet has become a HUGE component of my happy brain and regulated hormones.
Buffered Magnesium Bisglycinate – Bio-Max Series Hypoallergenic 180 caps
Sold by: SuperNaturals
Condition: New

Bob’s Red Mill Date Sugar, 24-ounce
Sold by: SportingDoc
Condition: New

Thorne Research – Basic Nutrients 2 / Day – Complete Multivitamin / Mineral Formula – 60 Capsules
Sold by: iServe Products Product question? Ask Seller
Condition: New

Now Foods C-500 Ascorbate, Capsules, 250-Count
Sold by: LLC
Condition: New

Costco gift cards can be used by non-members at 5% surcharge on goods

  • Members and non-members may use the Costco Cash Cards to shop at any Costco location in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and online at
  • Non-members will be charged a 5% surcharge over the member’s posted product prices (except for prescription drugs) when purchasing on
  • Costco Cash Cards have no expiration date.
  • Cash Card balances under $10 are always redeemable for cash. Amounts over $10 may be redeemable if required under state law.

More info on Costco cash cards.

RECIPE: Oatmeal Latte (with adaptations)

Hey, Friends:

howsweeteats-com-oatmeal-latteA recipe for a healthy breakfast treat!  Soooo nice for a weekend breakfast in jammies.  It’s great as is, with a dose of beta glucan (oats)– your colon will thank you. But, can we make it more Paleo for me (and you)?

What adaptations can you think of to this recipe for Oatmeal Latte from Jessica Merchant?

Here’s what I did with this recipe, thus far:

  • My favorite coffee bar drink is a Miel, basically a latte sweetened with honey (the “miel” in Miel), and cinnamon. So, I made this into a Oatmeal Miel.
  • soaked steel cut oats in almond milk overnight in fridge.
  • used my go-to Mt. Hagen decaffeinated instant coffee granules (bought on Thrive Market)

I will not eat oats more than once a week because I tested sensitive a long time ago, so I don’t want to overdo it. But, I did try this recipe for Oatmeal Latte and it was so comforting and delish!  I want to try again very soon with more adaptations. Probably some chia (I might buy some white seeds just for this). Maybe some other type of ground, soaked nuts. Maybe some rice porridge.

Why I take 5-HTP. And, CAUTIONS!

*UPDATE 10/14/2016 My sources of folate are: a diet rich in leafy greens and a multivitamin. The brand I’m currently taking is Thorne Research 2/Day. I take one at breakfast with a 50mg dose of 5htp, and again both at 2:00 p.m.  I also take magnesium glycine and taurine. All of these together are the core of my “calm and happy” nutrient supplementation. You can see other posts throughout my site and in the future for more information about other supplements such as brain-critical fats (fish oil and phospholipids) supplements.

Original post:  Continue reading

Happiness is rhythm.

Happiness Exercises

My hubby sent me a link to this funny, entertaining TEDx talk by Shawn Achor.  It’s so good, I recommend you watch it.  12 minutes long. C’mon, guys!  14 million people can’t be wrong. Continue reading

Life Upgrade: 5 Before 11

See my review on

See my review on

Here’s a tip worth at least $400,000, on how to be more productive.  This article is a quick read and distills down one of the core concepts from one of my favorite books, The 7 Minute Solution: Creating a Life with Meaning 7 Minutes at a Time by Allyson Lewis, about working effectively, on what matters most. Continue reading

Brain Health is Contingent on Body Health

If you are looking at my Supplements category, please note that a lot of my discussion about nutritional supplements falls under my “Mood Repair” category. This is because many of the reasons I find to take supplements have to do with the total body (including hormone, metabolism, and digestion) support of brain function, and therefore mood and neurotransmitter health.

If you are looking at my Clear Mind category, take note that I believe our thoughts and feelings are layers on top of our foundation of brain health, and you should see my “Mood Repair” category as well.  At the time I’m writing this, I’m trying to figure out categories for my website–Clear Mind, to me, means the types of mental habits, values, ideas, and thoughts that we can adopt as philosophies to help us live Happier & Healthier lives.