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RECIPE (fast): Smoothie for Anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine

Here’s a simple way to deal with ongoing inflammation. Continue reading

Adding more gelatin to our foods

I’ll let this article explain gelatin and collagen and why probably all of us need to make sure we’re eating some:

I LOVE glycine! It makes me calmer. I’m going adjust the time of day I take it: 2:00 p.m. with my other afternoon supplements. (Psst! Before the kids come home from school!)

Do I add this to my kids smoothies or protein shakes? Yes. Yes, I do.

Will I be adding more to the foods I cook? Yes.

Do I have both collagen and gelatin in my pantry? Yes. I have been purchasing both types in Zint! brand on Amazon.

Don’t eat muscle meats without it! Ok, well, try to add it, whenever you can. This is why gravy is good with meat, gastronomically speaking.

Gelatin/collagen help to round out the protein in muscle meats. It’s said to have a "protein sparing" effect, which I interpret to mean that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. In other words, when you add the protein in gelatin to the protein in muscle meat, you are able to digest more of it (as well as get a more well-rounded amino acid profile). Hence, you are able to eat a smaller amount in total for a better overall dose of protein.

Ways to incorporate gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen.

Gelatin – into hot liquids
1. If your homemade stock didn’t gel up, add gelatin.
2. If you really have to use store-bought broth, add gelatin.
3. Add to soups and gravies before thickening with starch. (Remember that the gelatin will thicken as is cools, so serving table-side, you may need less starch to thicken the gravy. It will thin back down as it’s re-heated.)

Collagen powder – use in cold foods
1. Add to smoothies
2. Add to any cold liquid for a calming dose of protein.

1 scoop of collagen or gelatin powder should be 6-7 grams of protein which is about the same as an egg. It’s 100% protein.

Here are some new things I learned about collagen from people on Amazon…

"I have problems from frequent heartburn and I have tried everything since going off "Prevacid 2 years ago. I was beginning to suffer bone loss and my blood pressures were rising due to magnesium depletion from taking Prevacid. While doing some research on the web, I read several articles on how many people with GERD had benefited from daily consumption of bone broth. I work long hours and do not have time to make my own bone broth during the week so I decided to try a powdered form. I LOVE this product; it works well in room temperature water as well as hot. I add it to my smoothies, to my soup and even to juice. I use 2 Tablespoons 3 times a day and it has made such a difference. I went from using an antacid after every meal and at bedtime to only using a bedtime dose 1-2 times per week. (on those days I did not have a chance to consume my broth at supper time) I always make sure I also consume vitamin C with my meals as it helps the collagen in the broth to be absorbed by my body. This is a fabulous product!"

"Bone Broth Collagen powder is a unique pure complete protein and the building material to renew cells in all areas of the body including: the hair, skin, nails, eyes, teeth, cartilage, bones, tendons, organs, arteries, blood vessels, hemoglobin, immune cells and the immune system. There are twenty eight different types of collagen that have been discovered .Not all have been researched and some are in private testing in the medical fields for stem cell research. Research does show us that if collagen types 1, II and III are available in the body at the same time, the body can reproduce all twenty eight types as the body needs it. However, if Collagen does not have enough Vitamin C available to this process, it will remain a pro-collagen. (A pro-collagen is a precursor to collagen, not collagen itself, and needs the correct environment for the body to convert it into collagen). Vegetarians often look to pro-collagen sources. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient required to increase collagen production, while also providing stability and structure to the collagen itself. Furthermore, amino acids must also be present to take this delicate material from a pro-collagen structure to the actual collagen material. Additional nutrients in large doses such as proline, glycine, lysine, copper and manganese are all required to produce strong collagen fibers and elastin. The common sources of gelatin at your local grocery store, touted as a collagen source, are really pro-collagen because it is lacking the additional components for the actual collagen material. See results in 2-6 months See other listings in our Store Front for gelling products. Our simple bulk packaging saves you not only money but it’s also efficient and avoids unnecessary waste."

This one is the cold soluble (what I understand to be hydrolyzed collagen)

Cheaper as 2 lb. cold water soluble:

Even less costly in 5 lb. bag: