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My Standing Desk

I needed a semi-temporary solution for a standing desk.

IMG_1702Why? To get my tablet off the dining room table to a safer home.  Associated papers and mess would get organized in the new standing desk area.  I could then always take the tablet back to the table in order to sit, but bring the tablet back to it’s home at the standing desk.

After deliberation, some internet research, shopping at IKEA, and looking at my home and existing materials, here is what I camp up with.  I utilized IKEA for this one! Continue reading

Relaxation Tools

Need some extra help relaxing?  Staying calm?  Here are some of my favorite relaxation aids: Continue reading

Adrenal Support Tea (Tisane)

I have thoroughly implemented this recipe for Adrenal Support Tea into my Winter regimen.  Here are my tips for doing so.  “Tisane” means “Herbal tea,” or in other words, a (hot) water extraction of plant materials.  Continue reading

Types of collagen

I have recently taken interest in the fact that there are 3 types of collagen. I haven’t begun to research it yet. If anyone out there wants to guest post and lend your inquiry data, please let me know! In the meantime, I notice that the collagen tablets sold at Costco, brand YOUTHEORY, are also sold at Vitacost.

Common sense tells me that collagen made only from hides isn’t going to give us Types 1, 2, & 3. Moreover, nose-to-tail eating is going to provide closest to a full range of nutrients. So, if you are using a packaged product to obtain you collagen, start paying attention to the labels and the brand statements of quality, ingredients, method of preparation, etc. There are many "paleo" style brands out there now–just keep learning and improving your selection every time you re-stock.

During winter I enjoy making stock because it’s versatile, uses up scraps of things that I would otherwise compost, and is the flavorful basis of soups that my daughter and I like to eat. It makes sense to include this whole, real food in our diet. I also have found beef knuckles and chicken feet, so I know I can get tons of gelatin that way.

While my favorite benefit from gelatin (collagen) is the high glycine content which helps me stay calm every day, there are so many other benefits to be had. I get lots of comments that I don’t appear to be as old as my real age–maybe the collagen is working for my skin. I also like the idea that as I am FaciaBlasting, I’m providing collagen for rebuilding tissues. Gelatin is a whole food that I’m sure was prized during the formation of human evolution.

OFFICE ORG: document storage & filing

Here’s one way that I began filing some of our paper crap a couple of years ago. Document boxes like the Bigso Oskar from Amazon.

I have 5 of them now. They represent categories of paper filing which I need to stash things regularly.

The first four boxes relate to taxes, and at the end of year will all go into the year’s tax file in the filing cabinet.  One big fat file annually. But, in the current year, I keep these things as separate categories, one box per category: Continue reading

memory tea


I was inspired by THIS MEMORY TEA, which you can purchase at the link. It’s $10.99 for 8 oz.  ($22 per pound)

What I learned: At my local store The Wedge Co-Op they have almost all the ingredients to make this tea blend.


For a price comparison, there is a local company that makes a Blueberry Tea (also sold in bulk at The Wedge) which is based on Rooibos with blueberries and I think the one ingredient from the Memory Tea that it includes was the bilberries (but not bilberry leaf). This tea was ~$45 per pound!  So, I guess Rooibos tends to be more expensive. So, I have to skip that and go for making my own or buying on (link above).

Re: Memory:

I’m sticking with another month of the brain supplement I’m taking (Seeking Health Optimal PC).  I might do the next 3 months of that so that when I go into my doctor I can report and perhaps we will try a cheaper lecithin or other PC product. I saw a sunflower lecithin around here somewhere…

“I can’t remember to take my multi-vitamin!”

A friend of ours commented on my supplement routine.  She said, “I can’t remember to take my multi-vitamin!”

I can almost understand what you are saying, LOL!  But, seriously, as I contemplate this problem (maybe it’s not a problem for other people, but for me it would be, since my body quite clearly does need a multi-vitamin), some practical solutions come to mind.  After all, that’s probably why you read my blog at all.  All 17 of you.  So, here’s another peek into the brain of Rachel. Continue reading

EO Formula: Alertness

Here’s an essential oil (EO) blend that I hacked from a blend that I purchased and enjoyed.  PRINT the recipe and save it in your EO garage until you can collect the individual plant oils.  I used blending guidelines from the Web to reverse engineer it.  I tried it yesterday and the scent was similar enough to the original, as I recall, and I will definitely make it again. Continue reading

Rachel’s Current Supplements Routine January 2017

This is what my supplement routine looks like.  If you have any questions about it, let me know!  It’s always evolving.  This is tailored to me, and everyone should have their supplements personalized. Continue reading

RECIPE: Falafel patties

This recipe is on the package of Bob’s Red Mill brand Garbanzo Flour.

My kids like these plain when freshly made. I use fresh parsley, about a handful for a doubled recipe. Continue reading