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Posture Love

Thanks to Mom for providing this link to an article that tells the basics of correct posture, corroborated in Kelly Starrett’s book Becoming a Supple Leopard (which I am currently studying and using as my guide to posture and movement corrections). The Gokhale Method book is one that I read last year, but Kelly Starrett speaks my language–his book is more painstakingly detailed. These two books come at the same postures through different way of explaining. Gokhale is looking at cultures in which back pain is minimal in the populations (non-desk-bound cultures), while Starrett is a doctor of physical therapy and works with athletes. It’s been very informative to me to read both explanations.

This link shows us the posture ills of Lady Gaga, as well as a perfect squat by a toddler.

Pre-biotic bedtime ritual

Another of my current practices, to take with my probiotic before bedtime. Any questions? (How does your gut garden grow?)

Elixir Greens cheaper and reconstructed

This is a simple, easy reconstruction of Elixir Greens. (


1)  Because my version is comparable but also less-than-half the cost.

2) Because my brother has been taking Elixir Greens and loving it. “Game changer,” he says. The ashwagandha, sea buckthorn, and maca in that are all adaptogenic and mood-enhancing. I’ve been taking ashwagandha in my adrenal support tea and felt that it’s a positive effect on my mood. My doctor approved. I also wanted to add maca back in, as my sister is having good effects with that.

As for sourcing, I ran it through Brain of Rachel and here’s what I just bought.

I bought this on Amazon for the main ingredient, Psyllium husk powder.

I am also buying Ultimate Superfood Fusion (powder) on
[ HELPFUL TIP: In order to get to the $75 order for free shipping, I am buying 2 lbs of Ultimate Superfood Fusion.  I added to my order: organic freeze dried strawberry powder which is great for making healthy, pink frosting or fruit dips.  Mesquite powder because it’s low cost and I’m curious.  You could add whey protein powder–perhaps goat whey?  Or, you could also add pea protein and rice protein (together for the most complete amino acid profile for a vegan protein source).  Perhaps you want some erythritol?]

So, mix up your 2 lbs of the Ultimate Superfood Fusion with 1 lb of psyllium.  Find yourself a scoop that measures a 9 gram dose and mix it in milk beverage of your choice.

Alternative for Super Lazy friends:

Hey, you probably need the maca in the Ultimate Superfood Fusion. So, try to get some energy to follow the directions above.  But, for a super easy protein shake I would recommend from Costco Orgain Vanilla protein powder +Greens.


Here’s the math I used for reverse-engineering Elixir Greens…

Elixir Greens components:
Psyllium Husk 2g 2000 mg
Flax seed 750 mg
Lycium / Goji 600 mg
Spirulina 500 mg
chlorella cracked cell 500
amla fruit 400
sea buckthorn 350
maca 250
turmeric 250
camu camu 250
pomegranate fruit 150
horsetail 150
stevia leaf extract 125
cadamom seed 100
cayenne pepper fruit 50
TOTAL 4425 mg The sum of all other powders is twice the amount of psyllium

If you buy a pound of psyllium and 2 pounds of Superfood Fusion (see above) you pay about $70 for 3 pounds of powder, which is 1361 g

5.040740741 containers of Elixir Greens is 3 lbs. and costs more than $200

Our cost is $70 plus shipping and a little assembly time.

building up our gut biomes

Some thoughts about tending and rebuilding your gut biome, the kingpin of your health. Continue reading

How cheating sleep causes physical stress (to adrenals) and sugar cravings

Carbohydrates are synthesized into sugars (glycogen), which are then stored in the liver during its “night” assimilatory phase beginning at 3 p.m. and peaking at 3 a.m. These stored sugars are converted to blood glucose during the daytime for the activities of consciousness beginning at 3 a.m., through the catabolic (breaking down) influence of the gall bladder in the liver until about 3 p.m. Here, we can see the importance of going to sleep early: 6:30-8:00 p.m. for children and 9-10:00 p.m. for adults. Staying up late causes the liver to reverse its storing-up activity intended for the next day and to instead begin converting glycogen to glucose for energy, thus we get a “second wind” (especially children). This explains the worn-out feeling the next morning and the daylong physiologic struggle to keep up. (Johnson)

Continue reading

RECIPE: Indian Lentils – “Dal”

This is my method for making Indian Dal  (Lentils) and rice.

I have made a large crock full for a couple years for the teachers appreciation day at school. They love it. Continue reading

Orthodontic – What Every Parent Should Know

Meredith Damon braces on upper 2/6/17

  1. Damon Braces are the way to go!  Get at least one evaluation with a Damon orthodontic specialist! This especially important in a crowding situation as early as possible, hopefully before age 7.
  2. Othodontists all give free evaluations up to the point where they would create a treatment plan and begin treatment.  So, it’s really worth it to visit more than one orthodontist and get multiple opinions.
  3. It’s one of my missions in life that parents of young children all take their child at around age 6-1/2 to a free evaluation with a Damon braces orthodontist for FREE evaluation.  There are easily problems that parents don’t know about.(1)
  4. Parents of young children, watch your child closely for mouth-breathing, daytime and nighttime. If a child does mouth breath, especially if there are any kind of breathing problem in sinuses (like allergies), please watch closely. Mouth breathing needs to be treated. If the tongue is not in the correct position (impossible in mouth breathing) the light, constant pressure of the tongue on the palate will not allow for correct growth and development!
  5. Early assessment allows for proper timing of treatment. You cannot go backward in time, but you can always wait for the right developmental time.

Questions?  Please Reply below.

(1) I have 2 kids. Their mouths were both somewhat crowded. I had one treated with the conventional practices, non-Damon. I’m kicking myself for that one. The younger kid is in Damon Braces now. She had a problem only detectable on x-ray (and we also had a 3-D scan for $250 in order to determine if further action was required, other than waiting 6 months. The 3-D scan would help determine if the adult tooth root was being eroded by the other adult teeth that were out of alignment deep in the gum. This particular problem affects about 3% of the population. Without the Panoramic X-Ray (Panex, Pan-X) we wouldn’t have known or suspected (except that she was slow to loose some baby teeth, but not really unusually so–damage could have been done before we would have become adequately suspicious. It really does pay to visit the orthodontist for free, have your child monitored about every 6 months between ages 7-9, so you can catch these problems.

Softer Jeans (don’t constrict your fascia)

I’m on another jag to my lifestyle changes… softer clothing, less restriction. For one thing it constricts fascia, encouraging fat to build up in spots (according to Ashley Black).

So, I’m trying out several brands for both my daughter and my self. I’ll also get some knit Levi’s for my son. Here are some rabbit holes for you to go down.  Continue reading

Cleaning tips & Textile (cloth) recycling

Rags can be a primary cleaning tool that people often overlook.  The way a rag or brush performs is important to how easy and fast it is to clean your house.  Here are some ways that I use rags.  Are you surprised that I am somewhat picky about this?  Continue reading

This Post Is a Blast of Fascia

Question: I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around the reasons to blast while tightening the muscle versus keeping muscle loose and how this applies to other forms of massage and exercise– if you can speak on that or reference a video. Thanks sister!

Answer: OK!  So far, if you want to blast away fat, you tense the muscle. You can see for yourself that the top layer then flaps more while you blast. Continue reading