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more tasty Tryptophan!

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid and cannot be created by the body so you must eat it in your diet.

For those of you who are not high histamine you can take some cues from this post and go buy yourself some nutritious food. Here is my take on getting more tryptophan and also eating lower histamine.

can be found in:

Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Animals you don’t usually eat because they’re hard to find and expensive, or you have to go hunt them or farm them and kill them yourself

Tuna. In order to get low histamine fish, which is hard to do, I’m going to be placing an order with grasslandbeef. and by their Vital Choice fish products. So I’ll make a meal of that once a week also.

I’ll be buying raw pumpkin seeds and soaking them overnight and then putting them in the Vitamix with some stuff.

Because there are so many foods I cannot eat I have to seek out foods that I can eat. So I plan to buy on my next trip to the grocery store, sprouted tofu, though I do not know if this will be higher in histamine than, say, non-sprouted tofu. I don’t know if tofu in general has high histamine or not. I actually would guess that it does since it’s sitting there in water. I guess I will taste the water and see if there’s much salt in it and if there’s enough salt in it to prohibit bacterial growth then perhaps it will be just fine.

And I just got a Vitamix, a lifetime investment that is already starting to pay off. I’m going to start making more hummus out of different vegetables and beans and making sure that teeny is high. I suppose this might be a once-a-week thing I should probably designate a night of the week to make hummus. I’ve made it with artichokes before. I recently made a version of it from a Mark’s Daily Apple recipe using zucchini. And Yasmina of healing makes it with butternut squash.

I’m also going to try to add spirulina. As far as I can remember this stuff tastes awful.

Shellfish are incredibly nutritious but again for those of us with high histamine, it won’t do unless you can find them freshly caught. Like super really fresh. Or, know that the fisherman who caught them froze them right away. See Vital Choice, above.

Another choice I’m making as a high histamine person these days is to purchase frozen chicken breast or other meats that are frozen and not ground up. I love the value of the organic chicken from Costco. But they are not frozen and I am guessing they are just high histamine.