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My Recent Grocery Lists

These are some of the things that I am buying recently.

Trader Joe’s:

  • Nuts (toasted hazelnuts)
  • Tahini in glass jar
  • Belgian Endive (chicory) for salad – good to feed your gut flora.
  • Peeled garlic cloves packaged
  • Shallots
  • Sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes)
  • Organic lemons and limes
  • Basil for making pesto–put on canned salmon with rice noodles & artichokes with beans
  • Organic red bell peppers
  • sparkling water
  • Tart cherry juice 100%
  • Plain salted seaweed snacks
  • Olive oil – I buy two kids, one darker with flavor and the lighter kind.
  • canned pumpkin
  • gluten free pastas of all kinds – rice, quinoa, bean
  • Frozen coconut (meat) chunks (Fiber and fat snack)
  • Frozen grass fed ground beef from New Zealand (good price!)
  • Frozen chicken parts
  • Dorot frozen cubes of garlic and basil
  • Frozen apricots
  • Frozen artichokes and canned artichokes
  • frozen raspberrie
  • frozen wild blueberries


  • frozen okra
  • frozen lima beans
  • Frozen collard greens
  • organic blackberries – The Driscoll fresh berries have been good lately.
  • Love Beets (packaged and ready to eat) – I don’t know if these are higher histamine. But, Beets are good for methylation. Buy fresh beets if you don’t buy the Love Beets (by the fresh juices in the produce case)
  • Barney Butter naked/no sugar almond butter very smooth – I like this because I don’t think it has the skins in it and because it’s butter smooth.


  • Frozen berry blend has the black berries and raspberries in it. Sometimes it is available Organic. Go a few times per year because the frozen berries are seasonal and you’ll find different types. Sometimes you can get organic peaches.
  • For something sweet: Organic black cherries with coconut milk, stevia, almond extract. Very yummy, like ice cream.
  • plain salted seaweed snacks
  • brown Rice Ramen noodles – these cook up very quickly.
  • Raw nuts: Pine nuts, Pecans, Walnuts – buy 1-2 types every time you go so you can stash some but keep adding in variety.
  • Avocado oil and EVOO
  • Suja green juice in the fridge section
  • PRODUCE – There are several things I get regularly: lettuce, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, asparagus if it’s fat, French beans if Organic. Hothouse red peppers that have non-GMO label
  • BUTTER Kerrygold – this keeps in the fridge a long time, so buy several
  • hemp seed hearts
  • Butternut squash
  • Scottish Oats (By cereals and granolas)

Other stores:

  • Wildwood organic soy milk in fridge section (I use this to rotate with almond milk (one type per day).
  • zucchini, turnips, parsley, bananas
  • Organic canned beans
  • Organic gluten free grains

Coconut milk in little boxes:



Italian Salad dressing:

  1. fresh lemon juice
  2. flavored olive oil if you can find one (Kroger?  don’t make your own due to botulism) or EVOO plus oregano, thyme
  3. dried basil
  4. salt, pepper
  5. stevia (I use KAL brand 100% extract.)
  6. garlic powder
  7. onion powder

This dressing is great with red bell pepper, blanched green beans, frozen/cooked artichoke hearts, chicken breast,  jicama.

When I blanch green beans, I’ll keep them in fridge for 1-2 days. I’ll even eat them on the third day.


Pointers On Low-histamine Eating

I am trying to limit histamines, of course, but I think about what things are going to really have the most histamine:

Meats sitting around.

Food that was warm when you put it in the fridge:  probably should put in the freezer.

GROUND meats – unless they come already frozen.


On days that I’m not as on-the-go,  I cook myself food in the morning, divide it into 2-3 big bowls.  Eat one bowl right away.  Put the other in the fridge to eat later that day.

Buy Vital Choice canned fish – eat twice per week.

Buy frozen chicken breasts – eat 1-2 per week.

Buy liverwurst, Braunshweiger, head cheese from US Wellness – slice it up and keep in freezer, eat twice per week.

If you can find frozen meats, cook up 1 pound for that day.

Designate 1-2 proteins from the above per day and rotate through the week.

I am trying to develop a system that involves ROTATING my proteins & fibers and planning ahead.

For example, fibers are lentils, oatmeal, psyllium, coconut flour and chia seeds, and green smoothies or berry smoothies.

Chia seeds also count as a protein for me, to fill in as a low-histamine energy source.

So the list of the main things I want to rotate is:
  1. one day a week, oatmeal
  2. days when I’m super busy, use more chia seeds
  3. parsley with frozen peaches blended up with water
  4. green beans – quick cook and blanch – use for salads
  5. collagen
  6. lentils
  7. variety of nuts and seeds as snacks or blended into foods, as follows:
  • raw walnuts (Costco):  soak in salt water overnight. Good plain or blend into pesto
  • toasted hazelnuts (Trader Joe’s)
  • pecans (Costco) soaked and then oven-roasted
  • Tahini (Trader Joe’s)
  • Almond butter – I like Barney Butter because it is smooth and I think they take the skins off
  • Blanched (skins off) almonds
  • Pine Nuts (Costco) – toast these for flavor
store your nuts in fridge or freezer

simple basil chicken lunch

In a skillet, put in some light olive oil or any oil you want (coconut?). Put in frozen chicken tenderloins, garlic powder and salt. Put a lid on and cook on medium til some browning occurs (or, less browning, if you have inflammation).

Chop up celery, broccoli and lots of fresh basil. Red bell peppers should be good, also.

When the chicken is nearly cooked and browning just a little, flip over the tenderloins.

Toss in the celery and broccoli and put the lid back on.

Rinse canned water chestnuts, if you want them.

Pour coconut milk into the pan. Toss in the water chestnuts, basil and bell peppers. Stir. Put on the lid to continue steaming.

Cook to desired tenderness and add salt.

If you’re not histamine intolerant, you could use Green Curry paste, or some ginger. I liked mine with the simple taste of fresh basil.

For my anti-leftovers diet, I split the can of chestnuts into two servings, and cut up a rib of celery for later, etc. I often do this: prepare my lunch and dinner protein at the same time, leaving some of the veggies to cook later and reheat with the protein. Eat the same day to minimize the "leftovers puffy eyelid syndrome."

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