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Hunting nutrients

Which foods are high in B12? Click here. is one of my favorite sources to find which foods contain which micronutrients. It’s a great source for those seeking a nutrient dense diet, no matter whose "diet" theosophy you follow.

uBiome – test your gut, throat, ears, nose or skin!

According to Ben Lynch, author of Dirty Genes, "uBiome ( evaluates the DNA of your microbiome, which is pretty fascinating, given that the genes of your microbiome outnumber your human genes by a factor of 150 to 1 and have an enormous impact on your health. This company can also specifically check the biome of your throat, ears, nose, and skin."

I wanted to have my ears checked, but now that my histamine is lower, I may not need to. If anyone is thinking of having a test done like this, I’d be interested to hear your experience!

PBX strains for Histamine control

For anyone looking for histamine control supplements, here’s the first wave of my own experience with re-building my gut flora and bringing down my histamine.

BAD – cause (or may cause–do your research!) histamine to be released in the body:

  • Lactobacillus casei – I have been taking PB8 which has 8 strains, one of which is this one. I wonder how much pain this has caused me!
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus – typical in yogurt
  • L. reuteri should be avoided. (conflict with Yasmina’s below)
  • Lactobacillus delbrueckii

GOOD – lower histamine:

  • Bifido infantis The infantis is found in infants’ intestines and help to lower histamine in the body.
  • Bifido longum species helps to repair leaky gut.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum

ALSO GOOD Yasmina said: "So here are some of the strains that my wonderful research scientist friend Katerina has found that are particularly beneficial for both histamine intolerance and leaky gut/intestinal permeability:"

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus 19070-2
  • L reuteri DSM 12246
  • bifidobacteria infantis (B. infantis) 35624
  • Lacto. salivarius (per Ben Lynch)
  • Lacto. plantarum (per Ben Lynch)

Yasmina of has been using and promoting Seeking Health Priobiota Bifido which contains:

  1. Bifidobacterium bifidum
  2. Bifido longum – the only of the 4 mentioned above.
  3. Bifido lactis
  4. Bifido breve

Seeking Health Probiota HistaminX – this one is developed by Dr. Ben Lynch (Dirty Genes). As you can see, this formula has the 4 Bifido strains found in the Probiota Bifido, but it also includes B. infantis and two other lacto. strains.

  1. B. infantis
  2. B. bifidum (important in vagina)
  3. B. longum
  4. Lacto. salivarius
  5. Lacto. plantarum
  6. B. lactis
  7. B. breve

In June 2016, I had a stool test by Genova Diagnostics called GI Effects. I was fine on pretty much everything, except: I had nearly zero good bacteria (Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium)! Why would this be? Well, I had stopped eating fermented foods of all kinds due to the reactions I had to them, and because I knew I was allergic to yeast. I had also been dairy free for a few years. I started on probiotics, and switched to PB8 for about a year, which contained one or two of the histamine-creating strains. I started taking Probiota HistaminX on Dec 14, 2017. I took the Probiota HistaminX for three months and stuck to my low histamine diet and regimen. I went on vacation in March 2018 to an Orlando theme park. Over the course of a week, I ate several foods including ice cream and several meals that would normally cause me some high histamine discomfort. I even drank a glass of red wine! I was amazed at how well I was able to tolerate all of that. I believe it was some part or combination of this probiotic, low histamine diet, as well as a few weeks of keto-diet and caloric restriction. I am not quitting the Probiota HistaminX any time soon! I take one or two capsules per day and…

Drink no chlorinated water. I try very hard to drink the best water I can at all times, including no fountain sodas made with tap water. For my home water filtration, I use reverse osmosis.

Chris Kresser also said: "… soil-based organisms like Prescript-Assist, which I like for many other reasons. This is another reason that I like it. There‚Äôs not a lot of research on this, but my experience is that soil-based organisms tend to be neutral or even histamine-degrading. They tend to be tolerated pretty well by people with histamine issues."
I would like to experiment in the future with SBOs, but I haven’t even begun to find a product that is SBO-only. I would be checking products to make sure they don’t have the strains of lacto or bifido that produce histamine.