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Laundry detergents

Refresher on why we should care:

My goal for this blog post is to verify if what I’ve been paying for laundry detergent with MyGreenFills is out of line. I was worried that maybe the price was high, so I went to look at some other choices. Was it?  No, not in my estimation.  For what I’m getting, it’s a great price:

  • peace of mind that it’s a clean product, free of dioxane
  • it’s a re-fill (less plastic being created)
  • it’s convenient (delivered)
  • MyGreenFills has been able to employ women in Jamaica
  • and I generally like the smell and performance of the products.

All of that at a price that beats Seventh Generation, and several other brands.

My GreenFills. I’m currently a “member” and using their products.
50 ounces of liquid detergent. I use 1 oz. in my HE washer. Plus I use 1 oz of the rinse.
Our natural softening liquid uses citric acid (Vitamin C) to leave your clothes soft and supple. Plus, it aids as a cleaner and static reducer. My Greenfills the cheapest way to go is a 5-item “Big Box” where each item is $9. If that’s too much, you just adjust the frequency or the date of your future shipments. So…
50 loads for $9
18 cents per load
with rinse, you double it to 36 cents per load.

I’ll call out Seventh Generation 4x Concentrated Laundry Detergent. It allows 66 loads in 50 oz. You use about the same amount per load. At it’s $18 and at Amazon it’s over $20. I’m having a hard time believing my own math. Am I correct? It’s 30 cents per load.

The regular Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergent is $12 at Walmart, $13 at Target and allows 33 loads in an HE washer. That’s 36 cents per load. That’s still more than MyGreenFills–or if you are using MyGreenFills rinse product, too, the same cost per load.

Seventh generation
66 loads $14 = 21 cents per load
Ultra power plus 54 loads $13.99 = 26 cents per load

Fabric softener
Seventh Generation
32oz.  $4  I have to guess at 32 loads = 13 cents per load

As you can see by the prices below, My Greenfills pricing is well within the range of similar products, and yet I haven’t vetted the ingredients of these other products.  So, with MyGreenfills, I get the convenience and peace of mind that I’m looking for.
If you are going to sign up for MyGreenFills, please use this link, as it will support the work of the natural health advocate whose blog is where I learned of this:  Support Magdalena and Purchase MyGreenFills

Other Prices:

The following prices were at my local Natural Grocers.
Fit Organic was the only brand at my local Natural Grocers that I will take a look at and decide if it’s free of the bad chemicals.
150 loads $15 = 10 cents per load
170 loads $20
16 cents per load
Zum clean
64 loads $18.50 = 29 cents per load

Boulder Clean’s FAQ says:
“Our laundry detergent contains a minute level of 1,4 dioxane. This is a by-product that occurs in the blending or development of SLES and is not an added ingredient. The raw material has a limit of 20 parts per million (think of a shot glass in an Olympic-sized swimming pool). OSHA set a limit of 100 parts 1,4 dioxane per 1 million parts of air (100 ppm) in the workplace. One bottle of our laundry detergent contains 1 ppm in the entire bottle and in dilution or wash is reduced to 4 parts per billion.”