Adrenal Support Tea (Tisane)

I have thoroughly implemented this recipe for Adrenal Support Tea into my Winter regimen.  Here are my tips for doing so.  “Tisane” means “Herbal tea,” or in other words, a (hot) water extraction of plant materials. 

TIP:  The Schizandra berries have a distinct flavor that I don’t like all that much, so I make a separate cup of tea using Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry tea, for best flavor, or Cherry Berry (my second favorite).

Ashwaghanda is a blues buster.  I will take this every winter from now on!

Green/milky oat tops and nettles are two of the most important herbs that can be taken daily for a variety of purposes.  One reason I like these is for the minerals, particularly since I’m dairy free. It feels to me like extra nutritional insurance.

I make this in the afternoon or evening, whenever I get time to do it.  If I don’t drink all of it, I just microwave to reheat (or not) the next morning and finish it.

Nourish your adrenals with this tasty herbal tea

  • Assemble your dry herbs. Sources are Frontier Wholesale Co-op, or Mountain Rose Herbs or
  • Figure out what kind of straining method you are going to use.  I have a cup insert and pour the water over.  The insert has holes and becomes a strainer after the tea is brewed. Take a look at Teavana.
  • Keep the licorice separate and the Schizandra berries separate. Mix those in per cup of tea you are making.  Keep also the Ashwaghanda separate until you decide to keep it in your batch.
  • Licorice – I don’t add this every time. Sometimes instead I add MINT leaves.
  • Ashwaghanda – at first I didn’t add this every time, but my doctor at Penny George Institute said it was safe for me to take every day. I started adding it and I feel great. The only reason I haven’t added it to my main mix is that the Ashwaghanda that I sourced is a powder, so I just put the powder in the bottom of my brew cup.
  • Mix only the green/milky oat tops, nettles, and lemon balm. This is the main base with fairly neutral flavor.

Make some tea, er, make a tisane!  And, if you have any further questions, comment below or send me an email!


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