B6 capsules on Amazon

Pricing out B6 capsules:

B6 stand alone capsules in P-5-P form

Seeking Health 25mg (1250% RDV)

100 for $17.95 = $0./18 per
Since I want to experiment with the lowest possible amount, this is a clean formula at the better price. This is the one I will buy. I wish there were one at 5 mg.

Food Science of Vermont
60 for $7.79 = $0.13 per
label indicates that 50 mg of P5P yields 33.8 mg of B6 (1690% RDV)
Does not declare anything about allergens

Thorne Research
180 for $45 = $0.25 per
same amounts as Food Science of Vermont
twice the price of Food Science

Next week, I’ll be experimenting with taking ONLY B6 before bedtime and whether it affects my dreams.

The more you guys comment, the more I will post or speak to what you’re interested in!



2 responses to “B6 capsules on Amazon

  1. when I said “B6 stand alone capsules” I meant just that that’s all they have in them. The post is about the brands and pricing, not really about the uses of the products. I know… it’s my clugy way of blogging right now: better some than none?

    To answer the question quickly, which hopefully will be revealed in time:

    I was taking a product for bedtime called Schiff Melatonin which also contains B6, GABA, and theanine. I want to see which of those ingredients affects my dreaming. Because different people report some different effects from them. B6 is very interesting because it is said “in the books” that a person low in B6 might notice dreaming return if they take B6. I definitely notice an effect from the Schiff, and I did have dreaming last night when I took the B6 but not the Schiff.

    But, I have also learned yesterday to take B6 with magnesium.

    I am creating a master supplement schedule for myself. It won’t fit everyone, but if I ever get a chance to explain it, it may be helpful to some.

  2. Why take B6 alone and at bed time?

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