Bitters blow my mind!

I contacted an old friend, herbalist to ask him about enzyme production in regards to aging and supplementation. I recommend his article on bitters.

Jim wrote back and gave another amazing resource on the science of bitters.

This one blew my mind. Bitter receptors are throughout the body. They increase in numbers due to certain stimuli. Bacteria colonies react to them. Bitter receptors may be a part of our immune system. Tasting bitters activates several processes in the body, not just for optimal digestion. They can help regulate appetite and blood sugar.

You need to hear this.

Guido Mase is another great source of info on bitters:
He takes it slow, so if you feel it is repetitive, please know that there is more sciencey information later in the talk. Keep going!

If you guys want to know brands and sources, please let me know and I’ll do another post. I feel that this is a supplement worth putting into my diet every day, either plants or tinctures. The value (cost/result) is a great promise. If your digestion bothers you at all, or you want to look at appetite or blood sugar control, this is a good place to start. These are all things I’m working on in my own health, and I’m glad to share my experience.

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