Brain and gut connection

This book author Perlmutter was interviewed on America’s Test Kitchen podcast.

He is an MD who used the latest research from Harvard and others to separate myth from fact about gluten.

While he tries to sort of champion that gluten is not that bad for most of us /some of us, he also quotes a study that showed the total amount of (starchy? Baked goods?) carbohydrates is strongly related to risk of Alzheimer’s! (Sorry, I couldn’t go back and verify his statement, so if you’re curious, check out the book.)

I am listening to podcasts also saying Paleo type carbs can be very necessary for women, and regardless of gender is an individual thing (maybe you need more energy for your lifestyle, or you need to lose body fat, or your body has been stressed, etc)

We Do need to balance our diet with total caloric need (calories do count) but that dietary macronutrient ratios (of carb/protein/fat) is an individual thing. All agree we do need a certain amount of saturated fat in order to absorb certain vitamins and other reasons for general health. So you need SOME.

I think this brings us back to Mercola’s viewpoints on finding your own optimal macronutrient ratios but eliminating grains and certainly eating plants for our carbs. The Paleo Women are telling us women not to even count any vegetables in our carb counts- (because the carb in veg is tied up in the fiber and cannot be digested) –only count the starchy carbs that come from tubers, legumes and such.

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