building up our gut biomes

Some thoughts about tending and rebuilding your gut biome, the kingpin of your health.

Rebuilding the gut

So that’s a good place to start, looking into all of those things, getting some additional testing done, and then if you do the breath test and that’s negative and there are no parasites, no fungal overgrowth, no other pathogens, this really could come down to just a lack of beneficial bacteria, and it may be that the approach to getting well is much less about killing and much more about rebuilding. The tricky thing about this is that if he improved with a low-FODMAP diet, that does suggest that at one point there may have been microbial overgrowth, but it’s also possible that the microbial overgrowth or pathogens have been dealt with now but he still has really low levels of beneficial bacteria, and what you need to do at some point is start adding the FODMAPs back in and then start adding other types of fermentable fibers back in. Soluble fibers like glucomannan or psyllium husk or acacia tend to be pretty well tolerated. Then you have the resistant starches, which are potato starch or green banana flour or green plantain flour. And then you have the non-starch polysaccharides, which are the FODMAPs, but can be supplemented with, like inulin or FOS or larch, and you have to be extremely methodical and careful about how you add those in initially because they can cause gas and bloating if you go too quickly. And of course, you’d want to make sure that there aren’t pathogens or SIBO present before you try to do this because if they are still present, then it could get worse.”

Someone mentioned gas is less taking Elixir Greens which is high in psyllium. The simple correlation to make would be causative: “The elixir greens takes away gas. ” Which is maybe true. However, another possible reason is that when you eat a new thing, like adding a “shake” of some kind to your regimen, it can be REPLACING something else you ate that was giving you gas.

Like something with FODMAPS?

I have already addressed fodmaps long ago in my diet and I already know: don’t go extreme on these foods in one day:

  • onions, especially raw. I now use just enough to give the dish flavor and use powder.
  • avocados
  • artichokes
  • apricots
  • coconut flour
  • etc.

I can eat some, just not all of them in one day. And, we SHOULD eat as many as we can tolerate so that the good bacteria are getting fed. (I had a stool test showing no negative things except… no good bacteria!)

As for the “non-starch polysaccharides, which are the FODMAPs, but can be supplemented with, like inulin or FOS or larch”… I haven’t tolerated those well but I am several months in on having taken probiotics, so I need to add that back in. I was shopping for PBX that had none of this in it, but the simplest thing to do is to make sure it DOES! (just switch gears)

I will add potato starch to my homemade version of Elixir Greens and take with probiotic in the a.m. I also take another probiotic at night before bed and need to get my FOS/inulin in that one.

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