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How cheating sleep causes physical stress (to adrenals) and sugar cravings

Carbohydrates are synthesized into sugars (glycogen), which are then stored in the liver during its “night” assimilatory phase beginning at 3 p.m. and peaking at 3 a.m. These stored sugars are converted to blood glucose during the daytime for the activities of consciousness beginning at 3 a.m., through the catabolic (breaking down) influence of the gall bladder in the liver until about 3 p.m. Here, we can see the importance of going to sleep early: 6:30-8:00 p.m. for children and 9-10:00 p.m. for adults. Staying up late causes the liver to reverse its storing-up activity intended for the next day and to instead begin converting glycogen to glucose for energy, thus we get a “second wind” (especially children). This explains the worn-out feeling the next morning and the daylong physiologic struggle to keep up. (Johnson)

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Softer Jeans (don’t constrict your fascia)

I’m on another jag to my lifestyle changes… softer clothing, less restriction. For one thing it constricts fascia, encouraging fat to build up in spots (according to Ashley Black).

So, I’m trying out several brands for both my daughter and my self. I’ll also get some knit Levi’s for my son. Here are some rabbit holes for you to go down.  Continue reading

This Post Is a Blast of Fascia

Question: I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around the reasons to blast while tightening the muscle versus keeping muscle loose and how this applies to other forms of massage and exercise– if you can speak on that or reference a video. Thanks sister!

Answer: OK!  So far, if you want to blast away fat, you tense the muscle. You can see for yourself that the top layer then flaps more while you blast. Continue reading

Heart-butt, Please be Mine. and… Physical Therapy!!

be mineDr. Kelley Starrett does not look like your average doctor.  He’s a doctor of physical therapy and he teaches CrossFit instructors as well as military and top athletes. This is the guy by whom you wish your physical therapist had been trained.  He’s got three amazing books out.  You only need to know about one or two of them.  Here’s some scoop.



Becoming a Supple Leopard, 2nd Edition. 

I’m studying this book and already I want to buy my own copy!  It’s an instruction and reference manual with tons of photos and detailed explanation on how to create a neurologically sound and strong core strength.  You can begin to do this without even adding an exercise routine. The first and #1 step is becoming conscious of working certain muscles while standing and just going about your day.

Make sure you get the 2nd edition from 2015. it is written more for laypersons. 2015 addresses issues of novice, resolve pain, prevent injury. 2013 version was for athletes and coaches.

check it out:

His website with 500 free videos is Or go to

Follow him on Twitter!

Up next:  his book Deskbound, for those people who sit all day.

As I wrote this, I stood at my standing desk with one foot on a kettlebell (in lieu of a short stool, and the other leg braced in neutral position. This in itself is a workout.  I’m doing these posture corrections all day long and getting strong!

Heart-butt, you will be mine.


Update: FasciaBlaster

My tips thus far on the FasciaBlaster:

  • Watch several videos on YouTube about fasciablaster. There are many aspects to this.  And, so far, my opinion is that it’s a game changer.
  • I bought the FasciaBlaster. Shipping is $12 for any order.  Now I am purchasing the Mini2 and the Nugget.  I recommend knowing what you may want to buy and save on shipping by placing one order all at once.
  • I recommend that you DO buy the NUGGET plus either the FasciaBlaster and/or the Mini2. The Mini2 is going to be good for travel. The FasciaBlastter is the best all around tool, most thorough for at-home use and will maximize your time/effort and makes it easier to get to your backside (back, buns, back of legs).  You need the nugget. Watch some YouTubes on the Nugget!  For $20 add on to your order, it’s worth it to tag that onto your order for the FB or the Mini2.
  • DO sign up on the wait list for the FaceBlaster.  I’m on the second wait list and expect it to arrive in late summer 2017.  I cannot wait for it!  How is it different?  The claws are smaller and it’s used more for face and neck (and I do expect to get rid of neck skin sag and wrinkles this way!)  This will also be good for travel, but since it’s so long await time, I went ahead and bought the Mini2 for travel.
  • You get the tools, but you’ll need the knowledge. That’s why the videos. Once you have the knowledge, you’ll have a method you can go to for the rest of your life.

Feel free to ask me questions.  I’m not posting a lot on this yet because I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks and not often enough. But, I am super excited and recommend that you at least watch the YouTube videos to get a feel for the many different benefits which include:

  • breaking up fascial ahesions (the work of myofascial release) – this is a component of a well-rounded physical therapy program.  I came to FasciaBlasting because of my all-over pain and discomfort.
  • beautification – reducing wrinkles, cellulite and fat pockets
  • increase metabolism
  • release muscle trigger points


Stages of body in pain, twisted, etc.

I bought a Fascia Blaster and have used it a few times. I’m slowly figuring out how to work this routine into my time and priorities.

I wanted to document where I’m at. In this Levels of Fascia Freak-Out I figure I’m like a 3.5. I identify with most of level 3 and some points of level 4. I’m just going on the general feeling here and also what my new, very thorough chiropractor has been saying about my body.

Right now I have, for starters:

  • difficult to move Right pelvis (injury) (“low back pain” that is what I have been calling an “ilio-psoas injury”
  • knees in pain, feel inflamed and cannot come anywhere near a yogi squat, which I used to be able to do easily. Difficulty getting down on the floor.
  • Small spider veins
  • Recurring problems with wrists – chiropractic adjustment. Right now I have a strain in my left thumb, going up my lower arm.
  • continued neck and upper back tension and pain
  • feeling of tension all over head and jaw – last year was at the level of nearly TMJ, had one very painful jaw click. Learned that when I feel I need to stretch it, then I do, then I keep wanting to re-stretch it, then it starts to get pains even when not stretching.
  • been grinding my teeth for years. Have entered deeper discussions with various dentists on this starting last year.
  • Have been feeling pre-fibromyalgia… which is level 4.
  • sometimes take pharma muscle relaxer just to get some relief, which lasts a couple of days. Or to try to stop a recoil-type episode before it gets out of hand.

That’s the gist of it.

Last year I saw a physical therapist twice a week for 3 months. I gave up temporarily until I picked up the journey again in January 2017. I am now seeing a new chiropractor twice a week. Private pilates instruction once a week and hoping to move into group classes soon. Learning from Ashley Black’s YouTube videos. Reading book by Dr. Kelly Starrett. Going to yoga and modifying poses based on what I learn from all of the above.

So, I’m doing the work. I hope everyone is doing their own work, whatever that is for you. Carry on, warriors!


My Standing Desk

I needed a semi-temporary solution for a standing desk.

IMG_1702Why? To get my tablet off the dining room table to a safer home.  Associated papers and mess would get organized in the new standing desk area.  I could then always take the tablet back to the table in order to sit, but bring the tablet back to it’s home at the standing desk.

After deliberation, some internet research, shopping at IKEA, and looking at my home and existing materials, here is what I camp up with.  I utilized IKEA for this one! Continue reading

Relaxation Tools

Need some extra help relaxing?  Staying calm?  Here are some of my favorite relaxation aids: Continue reading

Sucralose? Erythritol? Stevia?

Take a look at this article explaining the latest research on sucralose, a non-nutritive sweetener (NNS).

It has me wondering about erythritol, and even stevia. I’ve actually wondered this exact question many times before: What is the “tricking” effect of tasting sweet but not ingesting actual calories doing to my metabolism or hunger mechanisms?

The easier answer may be in my latest version of paleo diet in which I eat plenty of food, 4 servings of protein per day, lots of vegetable and fruits and no added sweeteners. My appetite seems to regulate wonderfully and I get plenty of sweet with the fruits.

I also get help with appetite regulation by improving my neurotransmitter status.

Note that there’s a reciprocal effect going on with NNS’s.  I think I read that aspartame interferes with serotonin, while having enough serotonin actually makes it much easier to regulate appetite.  So the very diet drinks people are consuming to get a sweet fix is the very thing leading to a more active appetite!

Lengthening Menstrual Cycle (on purpose)

It’s NOT the seed rotation diet… based on my study of one (me).

  • low sugar
  • very little mammal foods (no cheese or dairy of any kind either), and higher protein (focus on fish and poultry)
  • focus on eating regularly to keep blood sugar level
  • (and by no means perfect at any of this, but certainly much better than I’ve ever done before)

… has led to a seemingly IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN MY CYCLE LENGTH, my goal which is to lengthen it from 25 days to 28 days.  (My doctor at Penny George is well versed in the hormone cycle variations, but we have not diagnosed me with that, exactly.  There are several likely hormonal reasons my cycle could be short.  My cycle does resemble estrogen dominance.)

I did notice yesterday a big drop in mood and took and extra dose (50mg) of 5htp for a total of 150mg yesterday.  I’m on Day 28 of my cycle and waiting for Irma to show up  (expecting my period any minute now).   I’m thinking, “WOW… improvement probably due to the diet!”

Diet Journal Recap:

I did that seed rotation several months.  Then over a month ago I decided to drop it.  I haven’t been getting exercise since June, so everything I’ve achieved points more toward dietary changes.  I started a new campaign of “don’t eat mammals if I can help it” and eat more fish and poultry.  Also, continued nearly constant improvements toward lower sugar, etc.  Major help from 5-HTP and the mood supplements I’m on.  Travel wasn’t too bad.  I felt like I was losing body fat before the trip to Michigan and even then I stalled and gained back–wasn’t measuring but I could tell.   Had most sugar on daughter’s birthday.  Otherwise pretty darn good.  Some extra chocolate, as I was at my Mom’s house and surrounded by treats and not busy with my normal work.  However, this was the most I’ve been able to stick to my dietary goals while traveling, ever!  Taking 5htp and my improved supplement regimen is absolutely the reason for craving control and my improved mood (but don’t take 5htp unless you learn more about serotonin deficiency.  It’s best to consult a doctor. Learn about when not to take 5htp, like if you are taking an SSRI.)  These supplements are helping A LOT, but also my determination to stick to this diet.
So, that’s to explain that I think that my diet has really gotten overall, much much better than in many years past. For me.  Including overall hardly any sugar. And more protein and vegetables.  Those who know I’ve been eating healthfully for many years will understand the significance.
So, I’ve been back from the trip for over a week. For the past 10 days I’ve been using a daily system of recording what I eat and using standardized portion sizes from Paleo Weight Loss for Women by Stefani Ruper (I used the “Low Fat” version of her plan which I think works great for the summer harvest time so I can eat lots of vegetables and fruits, but low fat.  I may try the low-carb/high-fat diet in the winter).
This means that all of the above leads to THIS CYCLE:  a 27+ day cycle, which for me was a measurable goal to improve my hormones, and shift from a short cycle to a longer more “normal” cycle.
This is significant because the seed rotation didn’t really do much of anything to me.  Even then I was eating fairly “healthy” by most standards.  But, not good enough.  It’s Paleo for Women that is doing it so far.  Now, I keep doing the work and hope to see some body fat melt off soon.