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RECIPE: Indian Lentils – “Dal”

This is my method for making Indian Dal  (Lentils) and rice.

I have made a large crock full for a couple years for the teachers appreciation day at school. They love it. Continue reading

RECIPE: German Red Cabbage

I don’t know why this dish is so addictive for me, but I can make up a batch and eat a serving every day. It’s full of B6 and folate, and perhaps that is why.  Perhaps it’s because I love sour so much.  Traditionally served alongside sausages like Brautwurst.

Fat: 2-4 Tbsp. butter or better yet , drippings from roasted chicken

Shallots and/or onions, chopped (TIME SAVER: frozen chopped)

Head of red cabbage, sliced fine so that it comes out in shreds

1-2 (tart) apples, chopped or grated (TIME SAVER: I leave the skin on, use an apple slicer/corer and then chop with a knife)

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar* (or lemon juice, or could try ascorbic acid crystals–not ascorbate)

1 Tbsp salt

1/4 to 1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup water or chicken stock, add more if not using full amount of vinegar

Optional: whole grain flour for thickening

*Acid is key to keeping the deep color of the red cabbage. If you do not use any vinegar (or lemon juice) you will end up with a lavender color.

  1. Brown onions and shallots to caramelize in the fat.
  2. Put all other ingredients except flour into the pot. Cover and simmer until desired tenderness, about 20 minutes. Cook longer til you get it as soft as you want.
    FOR PRESSURE COOK: In an iPot pressure cooker, the setting for “Soup” (30 minutes of medium pressure) will yield a very soft cabbage that will begin to fall apart when stirred. Almost too soft for my liking, but still okay. Try 20 minutes of pressure.
  3. Adjust salt. Pepper to taste.
  4. It is not necessary to thicken, but you can. Try 1 Tsp. whole grain flour such as spelt, kamut or wheat. Sprinkle it on before last 5 minutes of cooking, then stir.

BRAINSTORM: Perk up Family Food

Today, my sister-in-law called me to ask me about what kinds of things I buy at Costco to help her perk up their family meals and breakfasts. Guess where I was! Yep, you guessed it. I was in Costco.  So, we talked my way through Costco just brainstorming ideas for her family, and trying to be healthy on a budget.

Maybe you will like some of these ideas right now for the holiday crunch time. These aren’t the ideas I told my sister in law. These are the ideas I had after our talk.  Welcome to another installment from the Brain of Rachel.

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Cheap Eats: What if “Food Stamps”?

Here’s an interesting article series if you want to think about pushing the boundaries of eating as well (healthfully) as possible while spending the least amount of money.   Continue reading

RECIPE: Tao Bowls

Special Thanks to Tao Natural Foods Cafe in Minneapolis, MN.

Serve like you would a taco bar (buffet style), where people can choose their toppings.

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RECIPE: Wedge Lentil Soup

My food co-op store in Minneapolis is now publishing $2 per serving seasonal recipes!  This should chase away the canned soup blues. Continue reading