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Heart-butt, Please be Mine. and… Physical Therapy!!

be mineDr. Kelley Starrett does not look like your average doctor.  He’s a doctor of physical therapy and he teaches CrossFit instructors as well as military and top athletes. This is the guy by whom you wish your physical therapist had been trained.  He’s got three amazing books out.  You only need to know about one or two of them.  Here’s some scoop.



Becoming a Supple Leopard, 2nd Edition. 

I’m studying this book and already I want to buy my own copy!  It’s an instruction and reference manual with tons of photos and detailed explanation on how to create a neurologically sound and strong core strength.  You can begin to do this without even adding an exercise routine. The first and #1 step is becoming conscious of working certain muscles while standing and just going about your day.

Make sure you get the 2nd edition from 2015. it is written more for laypersons. 2015 addresses issues of novice, resolve pain, prevent injury. 2013 version was for athletes and coaches.

check it out:

His website with 500 free videos is Or go to

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Up next:  his book Deskbound, for those people who sit all day.

As I wrote this, I stood at my standing desk with one foot on a kettlebell (in lieu of a short stool, and the other leg braced in neutral position. This in itself is a workout.  I’m doing these posture corrections all day long and getting strong!

Heart-butt, you will be mine.


Non-dairy protein powder 70:30 pea:rice

70:30 pea:rice blend… is seen as the vegan alternative to whey due to their similar amino acid profiles.”1

If you need a  protein powder that’s vegan and dairy-free and low cost, look for a pea-rice blend. Orgain protein powder awaits you at the nexus of Costco (low cost and convenience if you are a Costco shopper) and a Primal-ish yet busy lifestyle.

There are of course things I don’t like about Orgain.
1)  Real food is always a better option, IF that food is paleo style.
2)  Whey protein (non-denatured) is better, if you can.  My #1 reason is brain neurotransmitters.
3)  The fat that it does contain not ideal an ideal form. High Oleic Sunflower Oil.
4)  It can have a bit of a chalky taste.  I fear this is rancidity.  The large Costco size is not a great idea if you’re not going to consume it regularly. Don’t let it sit around a long time. Perhaps keeping it in the fridge is a good idea. I keep mine in pantry because my fridge is too full of real food. Maybe keeping a smaller portion out, while the bulk of it sits in a deep freezer is a compromise.

Good points:
1) Good blend of Pea and Rice
3) Chia seed and hemp protein added
2) Sweeteened with erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit extract. Not overly sweet
3) chocolatey

My 12 year old is making a lot of food choices that I’m not going to create a battle about. One of them currently is he prefers Orgain over whey powder.  He says he likes the way it tastes.

Quick SHAKE:

1 scoop hydrolyzed collagen (this is not vegan, but it is dairy free and it is high in glycine for a brain-calming effect)
1 scoop (half serving) of Organi
Milk of your choice. (My son prefers our whole, non-homogenized, low-temp pasteurized milk, which happens to be a convenience purchase in Minneapolis.)
Shake in a jar  (I use smaller mayonnaise jars)

When I need really fast protein, I grab this.  For my son, I will work at finding a whey protein recipe that he likes. I suspect it could be plain whey (not vanilla) with Mt. Hagen coffee granules.  Stay tuned.

JOURNAL: Health Actions List

Perhaps the best use of a blog is motivating the blogger!

I’m a listmaker. I probably make some kind of list every day.  I start from scratch every time and see how far I can get into refining the list to be better. It’s not pure repetition.  OCD, maybe.  But, it’s more about having a new living, breathing list generated out of the gray noise of my mind. The static of what it is I’m ruminating about.  I’m mostly focused on a great relationship with my Man, which overlaps deeply on my life’s venn diagram into other areas like being a better parent (to my Little Man and my Little Woman). Being a better mom helps me to get along better with my Man.  Being in better physcial shape, better health and better mind definitely gives me a more satisfactory relationships.  Any day I might be focusing on one area, or frenetically working on them all.  Lots of mental juggling!  Making a list makes me feel a little more in control;  perhaps I should say calmer.  Because I am remembering my top priorities.

Today’s List:   My Current Health Actions

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