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Bug bite season is coming!

You’ll find an essential oil blend for bug bites on my EO Recipes category page.

As for prevention, try doTerra TerraShield products.  Create a spray and use confidently!

RECIPE (fast): Smoothie for Anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine

Here’s a simple way to deal with ongoing inflammation. Continue reading

History Lesson: The birth of modern medical practice vs. Eclectic Medicine

Eclectic Medicine – Eclectic medicine was a branch of medicine developed in the United States for about a century from the mid-1800s to 1939, when the last Eclectic school of medicine closed. It incorporated the use of herbs and other remedies in alignment with nature and opposed the use of bloodletting, mercury and strong chemicals, which were prevalent at the time. The demise of this branch of medicine occurred when a reform of medical schools, undertaken in the early 1900’s, resulted in the adopting of uniform standards and a curriculum advocated by the AMA (America Medical Association), a strictly science-based model that supported the use of chemical constituents over whole herbs. The reforms gradually took hold and the AMA obtained control of medical education in each state, thus ensuring their system of medicine would be the only legally practiced system allowed. The center of Eclectic education was in Cincinnati, Ohio and the school there was the last to close. Today, the Lloyd Library and Museum in Cincinnati houses many of the papers and books of the Eclectics including the libraries from many of the Eclectic schools.”

Taken from Glossary on Frontier Wholesale Co-Op website

EO recipe: Bug Bite Blend

Bug Bite Blend

In a roller bottle, combine 30 drops each of these essential oils:

  • Lavender – lowers inflammation and soothes nerves in upset children.
  • Melaleuca – kills germs.
  • Peppermint – cools the burning feeling.

If this doesn’t fill the bottle halfway, continue adding equal parts of each of the 3 EOs.

Fill the top half of the roller bottle with a carrier oil such as doTERRA fractionated coconut oil or almond oil or even olive oil.

Roll this onto bug bites.