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Skin care ideas and products

Got Dandruff? Fungus?

Wow, this was a revelation, and it totally makes sense!!

Dandruff is caused by a fungus!

Given this, I found some products, which we haven’t tried yet, but it looks very promising with neem and tea tree.  Should also be good for athlete’s foot, jock itch, etc.  Don’t forget to finish off with coconut as a moisturizer!  It’s anti-fungal, too!)

  1. I’m buying the foot spray from Oleavine’s TheraTree
  2. I’m bying the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner from Naked Neem:
  3. Neem Oil in a glass bottle with dropper:

I’m buying the foot spray and the liquid soap for my peeps. Also a leave-in conditioner and shampoo

scalp, hair, feet, odor

Bug bite season is coming!

You’ll find an essential oil blend for bug bites on my EO Recipes category page.

As for prevention, try doTerra TerraShield products.  Create a spray and use confidently!

Update: FasciaBlaster

My tips thus far on the FasciaBlaster:

  • Watch several videos on YouTube about fasciablaster. There are many aspects to this.  And, so far, my opinion is that it’s a game changer.
  • I bought the FasciaBlaster. Shipping is $12 for any order.  Now I am purchasing the Mini2 and the Nugget.  I recommend knowing what you may want to buy and save on shipping by placing one order all at once.
  • I recommend that you DO buy the NUGGET plus either the FasciaBlaster and/or the Mini2. The Mini2 is going to be good for travel. The FasciaBlastter is the best all around tool, most thorough for at-home use and will maximize your time/effort and makes it easier to get to your backside (back, buns, back of legs).  You need the nugget. Watch some YouTubes on the Nugget!  For $20 add on to your order, it’s worth it to tag that onto your order for the FB or the Mini2.
  • DO sign up on the wait list for the FaceBlaster.  I’m on the second wait list and expect it to arrive in late summer 2017.  I cannot wait for it!  How is it different?  The claws are smaller and it’s used more for face and neck (and I do expect to get rid of neck skin sag and wrinkles this way!)  This will also be good for travel, but since it’s so long await time, I went ahead and bought the Mini2 for travel.
  • You get the tools, but you’ll need the knowledge. That’s why the videos. Once you have the knowledge, you’ll have a method you can go to for the rest of your life.

Feel free to ask me questions.  I’m not posting a lot on this yet because I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks and not often enough. But, I am super excited and recommend that you at least watch the YouTube videos to get a feel for the many different benefits which include:

  • breaking up fascial ahesions (the work of myofascial release) – this is a component of a well-rounded physical therapy program.  I came to FasciaBlasting because of my all-over pain and discomfort.
  • beautification – reducing wrinkles, cellulite and fat pockets
  • increase metabolism
  • release muscle trigger points


I’m gonna Dental Health Upgrade Ya!

This is going to be a quick post, just a breadcrumb on your trail of health.

Thoughts on dental health re: tooth powder, tooth brushes, tongue scraping.

I used this recipe to make tooth powder: Continue reading

Almost Sunscreen time!

Time to buy sunscreen!  Here are some of the best products with a dose of healthier. Continue reading

Amazon supplements order

stockingA supplement round-up with my favorite facial moisturizer and stocking stuffer idea!

I checked my orders fairly carefully today, so if you’re in need of some nutritional supplements, here are my recommendations for items found on I cross referenced with Vitacost. You can see the Vitacost order here. I shop with Amazon Prime and Amazon Smile at with my charitable recipient is our school.

See what to buy at Amazon  Continue reading

Sunscreen Skin Care

Want less toxic sunscreen that works?  Share this with your family and friends.

Here’s, my sunscreen approach

1. Protect facial, ears and back of neck, and other areas sensitive to age spots / freckling.

For this I use one of these, which are much less likely to give acne:
  • Mychelle. The one NOT to get SPF 28. The one to get is SPF30. I like to purchase from Amazon, but you can get it from from Whole Foods or Mychelle online direct–They have an email promo list you can join.
  • Vanicream – purchase at Costco pharmacy or Target. This one is for sure okay to use your HSA funds if you have that through your job. I suspect all sunscreen could be paid for with HSA--which might be easiest if you take it to the pharmacy counter to pay (depends upon how your HSA works, and you can likely submit a claim as a last resort.)

2. Rest of the body:

For arms legs, etc. I like to have a spray but NOT one of those fine misters. First of all, they are toxic chemicals and secondly, when people spray them, you can see the mist going into the air, hence into their lungs. At the waterpark, I can see the mist hanging in the air and I can smell it almost constantly. The sprayer heads on my favorites deliver a SPATTER of cream that is easier than a squeeze bottle and it’s safe. You can see the spray heads are the same type on these two brands:
  • Kiss My Face (not just for face)
  • Alba
I think I purchased Alba from but I’m sure you will find it other places.
Buy the one with a spray head. But, if you have to get a tube, note: Get Alba. The Kiss My Face brand in a TUBE left a pasty, white mess on the skin. The Alba rubs in nicely.
Of course, it is best to get your daily dose of vitamin D before you apply the sunscreen. Also, I protect my face, ears and back of neck all the time and WEAR A BRIMMED HAT.
Be sure NOT to apply any citrusy essential oils to the skin for 12 hours prior to sun exposure.

3. After sun:

I love a lotion with green tea. Abra* Green Tea (lemongrass). This one is harder to find, but I get it from
*Notice Alba and Abra are two different brands.
The green tea lotion on a sunburn. Also lavender essential oil is good for any kind of burn. Drinking green tea. And lots of antioxidants – such as taking a buffered vitamin C or rosehips.
Also, try to wash off sunscreen at the end of the day before bed.