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My Recent Grocery Lists

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Got Dandruff? Fungus?

Wow, this was a revelation, and it totally makes sense!!

Dandruff is caused by a fungus!

Given this, I found some products, which we haven’t tried yet, but it looks very promising with neem and tea tree.  Should also be good for athlete’s foot, jock itch, etc.  Don’t forget to finish off with coconut as a moisturizer!  It’s anti-fungal, too!)

  1. I’m buying the foot spray from Oleavine’s TheraTree
  2. I’m bying the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner from Naked Neem:
  3. Neem Oil in a glass bottle with dropper:

I’m buying the foot spray and the liquid soap for my peeps. Also a leave-in conditioner and shampoo

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Products for Histamine from

Here are three products that I am using to help with high histamine.  The B Dropins are for mood, histamine and everything else!
Item Description

Stress much? My daily Protein fiber, PBX & herbs

This is the powdered stuff I mix up a batch at a time.  To view the stripped down version, see the Cheat Sheet for this daily protein shake.

Should YOU do it??

Determine your need for each of my suggested ingredients and then use just the ones you need. If you are eating fermented foods, you may not necessarily need the prebiotics. I take them because I cannot eat fermented foods. Each person has different needs.


To stay easy and economical, determine your ingredients and buy in bulk.


I have a lot of purchasing experience (and have lived in four different states in the past 15 years) and can advise you how to get this stuff as easily as possible. Once you get going, it doesn’t seem as difficult. I’ve been doing this for years and trying to share what works for me and desire to help people find the solution that’s going to work for them. I’ve discovered that I need these ingredients to operate at my best. It helps me be more resilient. It does not make up for a lost night of sleep. Folks, I’m getting more consistently resilient, and recovering some of my lost health over time, by staying on my program.

  • hydrolyzed collagen (glycine): excellent source of glycine which is very important to me. It keeps me calm. If I don’t get my shake in the morning, then I take some magnesium glycinate. you can get bovine or porcine or even some that are made from fish (the superior source; I care because I am moving toward rotating my sources of collagen also. I would hate to sensitize to my meat proteins!!
  • greenfood powder; Ultimate Superfood Fusion from Z-Natural
  • Ashwagandha root:
  • whey protein if you are dairy tolerant. I use vegan protein instead. I use Orgain with greens or Vega with greens as my extra booster pack. This does NOT replace the collagen!
  • fibers – choose or rotate with psyllium, ground flax seed, prebiotic fiber blend such as Garden of Life Prebiotic fiber. I choose to use all 3 or rotate. Psyllium is cheap and effective. Flax is helpful with hormone regulation in the gut. Prebiotic fiber is important if you are working on improving your gut flora balance (which also affects hormone regulation and so much more).

How I Do It

I have a bunch of half-pint canning jars with plastic lids that I measure up and use for about 10-day batches. Each morning I mix the powder with almond milk and drink it down before I eat any food, as I’m taking supplements in pill form.

I have to split this in two different batches because I don’t want to sensitize my immune system to these ingredients (more easily happens to me as I’m aging). I alternate days with shake #1 and #2. You could combine shakes #1 and #2 if you have no inflammation, allergies, etc. Here’s how I do it:

Shake Day 1

  1. 1 Tbsp. Ultimate Superfood Fusion
  2. 1-2 tsp. of Psyllium (NOW brand)
  3. 1 Tbsp. collagen (contains a lot of glycine, so add Inositol…)
  4. 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. Inositol powder–everyone will need a different dosage. For some mood problems like OCD and anxiety, dosages can be 2g up to 18 g per day!  I’m starting small as all I want is a calming effect on my lower level symptoms. I read that it’s good to take the Inositol with the glycine, which is a major component of collagen.)
  5. Ashwagandha – amount of a capsule.
  6. potato starch (pre-biotic)
  7. Probiotics (PBX)
  8. MCT Oil

Shake Day 2

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Ladies, your favorite time of the month

OK, so here’s some FYI… I like to at least mention certain things every so often for people who have never heard of them. Lots of technological advances haven’t yet been passed down from your mother’s generation to you, for example. Continue reading

Softer Jeans (don’t constrict your fascia)

I’m on another jag to my lifestyle changes… softer clothing, less restriction. For one thing it constricts fascia, encouraging fat to build up in spots (according to Ashley Black).

So, I’m trying out several brands for both my daughter and my self. I’ll also get some knit Levi’s for my son. Here are some rabbit holes for you to go down.  Continue reading

Update: FasciaBlaster

My tips thus far on the FasciaBlaster:

  • Watch several videos on YouTube about fasciablaster. There are many aspects to this.  And, so far, my opinion is that it’s a game changer.
  • I bought the FasciaBlaster. Shipping is $12 for any order.  Now I am purchasing the Mini2 and the Nugget.  I recommend knowing what you may want to buy and save on shipping by placing one order all at once.
  • I recommend that you DO buy the NUGGET plus either the FasciaBlaster and/or the Mini2. The Mini2 is going to be good for travel. The FasciaBlastter is the best all around tool, most thorough for at-home use and will maximize your time/effort and makes it easier to get to your backside (back, buns, back of legs).  You need the nugget. Watch some YouTubes on the Nugget!  For $20 add on to your order, it’s worth it to tag that onto your order for the FB or the Mini2.
  • DO sign up on the wait list for the FaceBlaster.  I’m on the second wait list and expect it to arrive in late summer 2017.  I cannot wait for it!  How is it different?  The claws are smaller and it’s used more for face and neck (and I do expect to get rid of neck skin sag and wrinkles this way!)  This will also be good for travel, but since it’s so long await time, I went ahead and bought the Mini2 for travel.
  • You get the tools, but you’ll need the knowledge. That’s why the videos. Once you have the knowledge, you’ll have a method you can go to for the rest of your life.

Feel free to ask me questions.  I’m not posting a lot on this yet because I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks and not often enough. But, I am super excited and recommend that you at least watch the YouTube videos to get a feel for the many different benefits which include:

  • breaking up fascial ahesions (the work of myofascial release) – this is a component of a well-rounded physical therapy program.  I came to FasciaBlasting because of my all-over pain and discomfort.
  • beautification – reducing wrinkles, cellulite and fat pockets
  • increase metabolism
  • release muscle trigger points


Is Thrive Market membership for you?

To shop on, you’ll need to purchase an annual membership.  I think it will be worth it under certain conditions:   Continue reading

Where to shop for groceries

In this post, I will boil down my years of honing my shopping strategies for groceries, including food, pantry and cleaning products, and health and body products.

Where to purchase groceries is an individual decision based on budget, quality & types, breadth of selection/stock, timing, and convenience/location. But, among my friends and family, most people are making similar kinds of choices. So, there are some assumptions to be made that might apply to most of us. Continue reading

Sugar free treat

Worth a try, if you have the means.

Sparkling water: Poland Spring Black Cherry flavor.  I purchase this by the case of 12 bottles from my grocery co-op, The Wedge.

I often sweeten it with KAL 100% Stevia Extract Powder, but these SweetLeaf chocolate drops are good too!