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Anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine

If you don’t know what your New Year’s Health resolution should be let me suggest one: eating as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible. This is for everyone! This is for all the diet faiths. This is to counteract all the other crap you eat, including the foods to which you don’t even know you are allergic. This is to counteract all the toxins in your environment. Although you really should try to clean those up, too.

I am now going to speak into my phone and give a list of foods from the research of Yasmina on There are many of these foods that can work as well as pharma drug, either or both antihistamine or anti-inflammatory.

Annatto, basil, coriander, black cumin seed, caraway seeds, Curry, Ginger, holy basil, oregano, parsley, peppermint, saffron, Tamarind, thyme, turmeric, amaranth, artichoke, beets, broccoli, butternut squash, cassava or Yucca, chard, chicory or Belgian endive, cauliflower, cucumber, fennel, kale, onion, red pepper, sweet potato, watercress, zucchini, apples, coconuts, mangosteen, peaches, pomegranate, oats, black rice, buckwheat, black sorghum, flax, sunflower if you’re not allergic to it, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, green and white teas, Lotus root tea, neem tea, olive leaf tea, cacao if you’re not allergic to it and if you’re not having histamine releasing problems like I am. Brown seaweeds, spirulina, Chlorella.

Now I’m going to tell you a couple notes about the things above just how easy they are to put in your diet. I now buy a large bunch of Basil from Trader Joe’s and chop that up and eat with noodles and olive oil yum yum. The Lotus Foods Ramen in a 4 pack doesn’t have any flavoring packets in it. I buy the black rice type and have black rice noodles with this basil and olive oil.

Powdered coriander can be sprinkled on top of a nut butter and eaten with apples as a snack

Lentils can be cooked and loaded with curry, saffron, cumin, turmeric. And if you don’t know how to mix those spices for a good blend, buy the sweet curry powder from If you want to luxuriate with the slightly more expensive version, buy the Maharajah curry powder. They are both wonderful blends that work all on its own mixed with beans of any type. Making a Dal like this has been one of my most popular dishes at potlucks, served with white rice. You can load coconut milk in there and add chunks of any kinds of vegetables you want like carrots and potatoes. I throw in frozen peas at the end and turn off the heat. I’ve got two different recipes that have a different flavor profile one of which you can eat with flaked salmon from a can.

An easy tea packet is the holy basil or Tulsi Tea from Organic India.

Artichokes can be blended in the base of a sauce or soup. They can also be blended with tahini, lemon juice and garlic for a non bean hummus. You can also make hummus with zucchini or butternut squash as your base. Butternut squash can be cooked with the skins on as they will blend quite nicely. I also have a recipe for muffins where you pulse butternut squash in a food processor continue mixing the entire batter in the food processor and top with a citrus blend icing.

Add beets on your salad.

Make squash soups.

I brown some shallots in butter then cook those with water and broccoli , puree it all in a blender, add salt and olive oil and enjoy this as a hot soup. If someone won’t eat a green smoothie this broccoli smooth soup is a great idea.

Make salads with chicory Belgian endive leaves. Add cucumber, fennel, red pepper, watercress, apples, with skins on.

Make a Lebanese tabbouleh with lots of parsley. You do not need grain in it if you do not want. I like quinoa. Add lots of olive oil and mint. If you’re not too high histamine you add tomatoes. And lots of lemon juice. Eat that stuff with hummus and you can roll it all up in a pita. Add chicken and garlic if you wish

Yesterday I made a new version of sweet potato fries which are quite easy. I make aioli with liquid smoke and ancho Chile powder and fresh pressed garlic. This is an awesome treat.

I was blessed with a Vitamix for Christmas to replace my older KitchenAid blender which I used for many many years. If you have a halfway decent blender you can get a green smoothie going it just takes longer or won’t be quite as smooth as a Vitamix. You can get powders of almost anything like superfoods containing spirulina and Chlorella. If you are not allergic to whey, it is a very complete protein and regarded as one of the best sources of protein. Of course I like collagen powder also. I cannot have whey so I use pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, sunflower seed protein. The spirulina provide some protein too. For the pumpkin and sunflower seeds I actually just soak the raw seeds in water overnight and then blend those in the blender.

Also know that I have started avoiding cashews as they are inflammatory. Of course there’s lots of foods that are inflammatory, but the number one are cheap seed and vegetable oils which are used in restaurants and further oxidized in fried foods.

You can get mayonnaise now made with avocado oil (at Costco).

When we settle into the new house this year one of my first orders of business is to grow an herb garden, possibly inside the house.

If you want a "diet" to try to give you guidance, look for a Mediterranean diet. There are many books and magazines with recipes for Mediterranean food. My hubby and I always like to know where the best Mediterranean places are to eat out. Specifically Lebanese. But Greek and Persian can work, too.

And of course cut out as much sugar as possible. That stuff is wrecking your health in more ways than you can count.

more tasty Tryptophan!

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid and cannot be created by the body so you must eat it in your diet.

For those of you who are not high histamine you can take some cues from this post and go buy yourself some nutritious food. Here is my take on getting more tryptophan and also eating lower histamine.

can be found in:

Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Animals you don’t usually eat because they’re hard to find and expensive, or you have to go hunt them or farm them and kill them yourself

Tuna. In order to get low histamine fish, which is hard to do, I’m going to be placing an order with grasslandbeef. and by their Vital Choice fish products. So I’ll make a meal of that once a week also.

I’ll be buying raw pumpkin seeds and soaking them overnight and then putting them in the Vitamix with some stuff.

Because there are so many foods I cannot eat I have to seek out foods that I can eat. So I plan to buy on my next trip to the grocery store, sprouted tofu, though I do not know if this will be higher in histamine than, say, non-sprouted tofu. I don’t know if tofu in general has high histamine or not. I actually would guess that it does since it’s sitting there in water. I guess I will taste the water and see if there’s much salt in it and if there’s enough salt in it to prohibit bacterial growth then perhaps it will be just fine.

And I just got a Vitamix, a lifetime investment that is already starting to pay off. I’m going to start making more hummus out of different vegetables and beans and making sure that teeny is high. I suppose this might be a once-a-week thing I should probably designate a night of the week to make hummus. I’ve made it with artichokes before. I recently made a version of it from a Mark’s Daily Apple recipe using zucchini. And Yasmina of healing makes it with butternut squash.

I’m also going to try to add spirulina. As far as I can remember this stuff tastes awful.

Shellfish are incredibly nutritious but again for those of us with high histamine, it won’t do unless you can find them freshly caught. Like super really fresh. Or, know that the fisherman who caught them froze them right away. See Vital Choice, above.

Another choice I’m making as a high histamine person these days is to purchase frozen chicken breast or other meats that are frozen and not ground up. I love the value of the organic chicken from Costco. But they are not frozen and I am guessing they are just high histamine.

Sport Shoes: laceup correctly

This page will show you different ways to lace your shoes to troubleshoot fitting your shoes to your own unique feet.

Also, notice that this is the next brand of shoes for which I am shopping! They have a limited 0-5mm drop from the heel to the toe to best fit the human mechanics /movement template.

Kid’s cooking!

We ordered Hello Fresh, and Van made dinner (with coaching by Mom)!

RECIPE: Easy Super Yummy Cabbage

I’ve been downing the heads of red cabbage recently. Cheap, filling and super delicious! I don’t even miss the pizza. The house fills with roasted garlic smell and by the time it’s done, I’m diving into heaven.

Pre-heat oven to 400 F.

Slice the cabbage to 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick. You’ll need two tray pans. Lay them on the tray.

Mix up fresh garlic. I bought a nice garlic press from Bed Bath and Beyond. It was the European brand and comes with a red silicone cleaning tool. Works awesome. I put at least 5 cloves of garlic through that, probably more and mix in a small bowl with about 1/2 cup olive oil.

Use a basting brush, my favorite silicone, also. Baste the slabs of cabbage with that oil. Sprinkle salt on. Flip over the slabs. Baste and salt again.

I also add halved leeks to the pan and work the oil into the layers.

400 F for 40 minutes. Make sure you leave it in til it’s nice and browned or however much you want it browned.


Repeat! You can get faster at this by practicing, and enjoy more often! It’s what I consider an easy part of my 2017 winter routine.

The leeks are good chopped and used on salads. This will give your salad that "French’s" Onion flavor! I put them in any type of salad, even taco salad.

I re-heat cabbage throughout the week for an easy add-on veggie to whatever my random meals happen to be.

DIM for lowering bad estrogen

I did a little research and this is the one I bought:

BioResponse DIM. The patentholder company is located in Boulder, CO. Pure Encapsulations DIM products contain the BioResponse.

Thanks to The Maker

"I am an omnivore, and been doing some versions of Nourishing Traditions, Paleo, etc. for years and I do not know of an alternative, since the bodies of animals are like a CONDENSOR of nature. The animals all condense something "lower" (if you will) on the food chain. The ruminants are able to digest grass and condense the Vitamin K in the grass into their butterfat. Yeasts and microbes are little condensors of lots of things, too, and can make all sorts of nutrients that we need. We house those microbes in our GI tracts and all over us, in a beautiful symbiosis created through millions of years of creation-evolution by an amazing Designer who made a highly complex plan that we have yet to understand in it’s entirety. Dogs are able to synthesize their own Vitamin C, but humans cannot. Our DNA has been changed through iterations/millenia and some of those changes were not good… for us as individuals. We may have low thyroid function but our modern medicine allows us to survive childhood long enough to become fertile and reproduce our genes to the next generation–with errant copies of genes. Epigenetics also plays a part for our direct ancestors. What our mother’s ate and how stressed she was. We can be like Native Peoples who understood the connection of all things, and thanked the Animals (which they called People, too) for the gift of their life. They honored the animal by eating and using all the parts. This is all part of the harmony of nature and the circle of life. When I help my husband process a deer, I do my best to take the parts and use them, but it is very hard to do as an urban dweller. I appreciate the job that "companies" do to process my food, and support the ethical choices that I can, such as free range animals. If I did not have these special nutrients to heal my brain, I would be laying in bed all day with fatigue, despite my "personality" that is to take care of the people around me and promote optimism. Because I eat of the full Garden of Life, I am able to live out the remainder of my short lifespan doing the best good that I can do here on Earth. I say thanks to the Maker for my food, asking blessing for all the tiny and medium sized beings that go into growing it all."

I posted this in response to some lovely vegans who were asking about collagen on the Kelly Brogan website.

-Rachel Ernst

Coconut amino, low yeast diet

Because I am allergic to yeast, but I cannot eliminate yeast from the air we breathe or especially the foods we eat, I would not call my diet yeast free but rather low yeast. This is also going to be very important for anyone who has higher histamine levels, or deals with histamine intolerance. You will want to read the link from coconut secret about the original coconut aminos. This is a tasty sauce that can be used in a variety of ways. I don’t use it all the time but when I really do want something Asian style, a substitute for soy sauce, and I will use some of this and I do keep it in the refrigerator.

The misfortune of all the people who wanted it raw is my gain. While everybody is super excited about raw foods and fermented foods, I am not. In this case, I am glad that my aminos have a little bit less yeast due to the fact that they are pasteurized, at least with this brand from make sure you buy a bottle that says "the original" and not "raw."

Glycine, Collagen

Eat the skin of the animal – such as chicken wings – yes try to get organic. You can use wings to make stock (gently simmered 4-6 hours), or you can bake them til crispy and make sure to consume all the drippings.

I go to Costco, buy the set of 2 organic chickens – you get the packet of organs inside the chicken cavity. Cook up those livers and eat them. Cook up the whole chicken and eat the skin. It takes a good hour to bake a chicken till it’s tender. Before baking it, put butter or olive oil on the chicken. You can add lemons with skin on cut in half. Sprinkle with salt and rosemary. Bake 350 or 375 for a good hour. Add about 1/2 cup water to the pan if the drippings start to brown, so they don’t burn. Eat all the drippings!!

If you have chicken skin that is yucky soft, fry it like bacon til crisp.

For TRAVEL or too busy – take a pill of magnesium glycinate, one per meal.

Choline: Cognitive Function. Glycine: Good Mood.

So, one year later and the choline supplement has improved my cognitive function. I noticed it after a couple of months of the supplement. I kept taking it and have improved even more.

I took several bottles of Seeking Health Optimal PC.

Then I switched to Jarrow Neuro Optimizer, several bottles which I am finishing up now.

I am now switching to MicroIngredients Organic Sunflower Lecithin powder and will take 4 Tbsp. per day. If this doesn’t work for me I will go either back to Optimal PC or to alphaGPC.*

The Jarrow is cheaper than the Optimal PC. In the future I will look at the pricing on the Lecithin.

Or, egg yolks and liver. (Liver also supplies folate in force. Yolks also supply Betaine–and folate if the chickens eat grass and weeds i.e. "pastured" free roaming chickens. "Cage free" is a hollow term. Buy the best eggs you can; the yolks should be a dark, golden yellow.)

* – more about the choline on this page on Dietary 4).