Cleaning tips & Textile (cloth) recycling

Rags can be a primary cleaning tool that people often overlook.  The way a rag or brush performs is important to how easy and fast it is to clean your house.  Here are some ways that I use rags.  Are you surprised that I am somewhat picky about this? 

  1. Old hand towels are perfect for either FasciaBlasting clean up or cleaning the dogs feet when he comes in from outside. Do not cut these into smaller rags! They will only shred in the wash and leave threads all over everything else.
  2. Old washcloths are perfect for helping to clean the house. I’m a big fan of lots of clean rags. My favorite leftover rags are cotton dishrags just a bit bigger than my hand when my hand is spread out. Instead of transferring grime from one place to another, I just grab another clean rag and then I wash a whole load about once a week sometimes less.
  3. IKEA has some small hand towels, cheap, and these are also good for FasciaBlasting, or clean up rags but they’re bigger than a dishrag or personal washcloth.
  4. I have not found T-shirt rags to be useful at all. When you cut them up, they roll up.  All T-shirts are best for; painting shirts, coloring your hair, working in the yard, and making T-shirt bags.  I have a few T-shirt bags around and they’re great for certain purposes.  Carrying sports equipment because they are stretchy you can shove more in.  Collecting all your plastic bags and plastic wrappers to take to your recycling place.  Because they stretch you can keep shoving in more plastic bags.
  5. When you’re all done with rags or socks with holes in them, recycle them! US AGAIN receptacles (lookup locations on the website) take all kinds of the stuff and they separate out the stuff to be reused and sent to disadvantaged people, and then recycle all the soft goods that they can. So just throw in a bag of rags to them and let them recycle it. Locals to Minneapolis can take their stuff to the Steeple People and they do recycle textiles.  There is  US AGAIN receptacle near the Home Depot in St. Louis Park near Costco.
  6. The final type of cleaning rag that I like is for cleaning windows.  This is a woven flat type material.  I’ve gotten some of those blue cloths that they use at hospitals, from a friend.  Or you can look up The Clean Team online and purchase glass cleaning cloths.  Wash these in a hot separate load from all the other rags, because glass is really picky and hard to clean. Make sure when you wash these, you are “stripping” them, not adding more detergent. For dirt you can see use a regular cleaning cloth with water and just get most of the dirt off. Then come back in with your glass cleaning spray and your nice glass cloth.

If you have a house cleaning tip, feel free to press reply and let us all know. Thanks!

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