Coconut amino, low yeast diet

Because I am allergic to yeast, but I cannot eliminate yeast from the air we breathe or especially the foods we eat, I would not call my diet yeast free but rather low yeast. This is also going to be very important for anyone who has higher histamine levels, or deals with histamine intolerance. You will want to read the link from coconut secret about the original coconut aminos. This is a tasty sauce that can be used in a variety of ways. I don’t use it all the time but when I really do want something Asian style, a substitute for soy sauce, and I will use some of this and I do keep it in the refrigerator.

The misfortune of all the people who wanted it raw is my gain. While everybody is super excited about raw foods and fermented foods, I am not. In this case, I am glad that my aminos have a little bit less yeast due to the fact that they are pasteurized, at least with this brand from make sure you buy a bottle that says "the original" and not "raw."

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