Cognition improvement project

Number crunching for the supplements nerds.  Here is a cognition improvement project!

I have been getting much better cognition results with:

  • First, several months (6?) of taking Seeking Health Optimal PC
  • Next, switching to Jarrow NeuroOptimizer. Been taking this for about a month and it feels at least as good or better than Optimal PC. Since it is less expensive, I started doing some number crunching.
  • I wondered about using Lecithin, which is a whole food and should be a more complete spectrum food with the same ingredients. Would I digest it? It’s an emulsifier, so it should increase absorption of other nutrients (bonus!). I have figured out that I do want to give this a shot next time I run out of Neuro Optimizer.
  • I wanted to make sure I’m getting inositol in my supplements. See, there was some inositol in the Optimal PC, but not in the Jarrow Neuro Optimizer. So, I just added it to my regimen with Jarrow NeuroOptimizer. I’m making the case that switching to Lecithin would allow me to skip adding extra inositol (although powdered inositol is super cheap, so if I needed more, I could always add it, anyway.)

So, I was wondering about the cost of these two plans in comparison with each other.

Conclusion: I could do either plan and it turns out to be about the same cost per month, either way: between $12.30 to $14.00.

Plan B: Take Jarrow Neuro Optimizer HALF-DOSE (seems to be working for me) with a little Jarrow Inositol powder.

Plan A: I’m switching to this next round.

  • Use Lecithin powder + Acetyl-L-Carnitine (Brain focus) + Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxidant, blood sugar regulation)
  • Lecithin is a whole food, and it generally makes other foods easier to absorb as it is an emulsifier
  • Lecithin contains lots of inositol, so theoretically you don’t need to add Jarrow Inositol powder, unless you require a larger dose. Folks who have a true nutritional need for it should notice it calms anxiety and aggressive tendencies.
  • Look for Non-GMO. Safer to stay with sunflower rather than soy.
  1. NOW Lecithin powder on $14.88
  2. Nutricost Acetyl-L-Carnitine POWDER $16.11
  3. NOW Alpha Lipoic Acid $11.46

NOW brand quality control on Lecithin products

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