Instacart Info is like the Uber of grocery shopping.  Which stores you can get stuf from depend upon which zip code you are in (and, yes, you can put in a different zip code to get groceries delivered to you when you are on vacation!).  For example, in Denver, I’ll be able to get deliveries from a pet supply chain as well as the local natural foods stores.  In Minneapolis, I can get deliveries from Cub, Costco, Whole Foods, The Wedge and others.

You order online.  You can use my Instacart referral link and I’ll get a $10 bonus. You’ll get free delivery on your first order.

Then your groceries or pet supplies are delivered to you.

Please note: The people who are working to pick your order and deliver it are not getting paid very much.  In order to be kind to them, please avoid ordering multiples of things, especially heavy things (if you can help it).  They only get a small payment for each brand/type/thing that you order.  So, if you order 10 cases of Coca Cola, they only get one small payment for all 10 cases.  Then they haul that heavy item to you at no greater wage.  So, if you’re going to stock up on soda and dog food, consider ordering it and picking it up at the store yourself.  I try to use Instacart for the days when I need something urgently and then buy a variety of things without a bunch of multiples. Just enough stuff to get by til my next trip to the store.  Curbside pickup is a responsible option.


See which of your local stores will deliver to you at my Instacart referral link: