RECIPE: Creamy Cold Chips (easy)

IMG_20160211_123936614_HDRThis treat is minty without chocolate.

For persons getting used to a Paleo or Primal diet, this can be a nice after dinner treat. Or a way to get doses of coconut oil down in a pleasant way.


1 cup coconut oil

1 15 oz. jar of coconut butter (e.g. Nutiva coconut manna)

Essential Peppermint Oil drops to taste (or an alternative flavoring method from below)

KAL brand Pure Stevia Extract

1/4 tsp. salt


1. Prepare the flat chilling pan. You want your mixture to spread out to about 1/4 inch deep when you’re done. You may need a large roasting pan, a jelly roll pan. I usually use an 11×14″ pyrex baking dish.

Decide if you are halving the recipe. You may want to try 2 different flavor profiles.

2. Level the chilling spot. Put the pan in your fridge or freezer or your Minnesota enclosed porch and see if you have a level spot where you can chill this thing. Otherwise you’ll have some thick chips and some too-thin ones.

3. Prep the additions. If you are putting in chunky things (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips), spread them out evenly all over the chilling pan.

4. Lightly toast the coconut butter. Put the “manna” in a sauce pan on the stove on low medium heat and gently cook til bottom starts to turn brown. Take it off so it doesn’t burn. This is coconut, so it’s going to easily burn. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. YOU PAID LIKE $11 FOR THE JAR OF COCONUT. PAY ATTENTION. BURNING WILL FIRST OCCUR ON THE BOTTOM.

IMG_20160211_125115462_HDRRescue Remedy:  If you cook it too long and it’s quite brown,  seconds count. STIR and pour into a room temperature bowl to arrest the cooking from the hot pan. You need to cool it down quickly!  Adding in the coconut oil and stirring will help to cool it down. At this point, don’t make it minty.  Go for a nuttier taste maybe with chocolate chips.  See the alternative flavoring methods below.

5. Mix in 1 cup of coconut oil. Add peppermint essential oil, stevia and salt.

6. Pour into flat vessel and chill.  I always freeze it. Use a (dull-ish) knife to break it up.

Tip: Chip pieces off the edges instead of going for the center.

7. Keep the bark in fridge or freezer. I prefer freezer. The container MUST be air tight so that it won’t get off flavors, which seems to happen more in a freezer.

Alternative flavoring methods:

Tip: You can always re-melt the stuff and add more to it. You cannot take things away, unless you use a strainer to take out the nuts or dried fruit. You cannot take out essential oil, of course, so you can go easy on it and re-melt and add more flavorings.

  • add vanilla to the mint
  • try vanilla with grated orange zest and orange essential oil. Maybe add dried cranberries.
  • make it nutty (no mint) with pre-toasted and chopped pecans
  • with nuts (no mint) You can add chopped dried fruit, choco bits whatever.
  • add chopped gluten free pretzels with or without dried fruit and nuts and chocolate.
  • other flavors of Stevia liquid drops
  • other baking chips like butterscotch (but look at those additives!)

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