Develop Wisdom for Parenting Teens

I will tell you what’s in this article, because it prints out into 9 pages of solid text. Yes, it’s a good read if you need a parenting tune-up.


  • not just what parents think but how they think through their solutions to parenting dilemmas
  • wise parenting involves a constellation of skills, mindsets, and habits that can be practiced.
  • Insight into three parenting scenarios answered by three different mothers who scored highest “wisdom scores” in the study.

“More specifically, the study found that wise parenting involves 9 dimensions that make up the process of how parents think through, deliberate about, and solve parenting dilemmas. They are defined below and ideas for practice within each dimension are offered. Even though there may be no particular order in which these dimensions arise in real time, in practice it may make sense to begin with reflection and conclude with integrative thinking. Parents may benefit most from practicing practical wisdom with some type of parenting community of reflective practice, which could consist of just a significant other or other parents.”

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