Digestive Enzymes for Gluten

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"I have been using Enzymes for awhile. But, now I’m more interested in making sure I’m breaking down gluten. I looked at the different enzymes in the Digest Gold vs. the Gluten formula. I see in Gluten formula, it contains DDP-IV and that the Protease blend has a "G2" after it, and these seem to be missing in the general Digest wide spectrum products. First, can you tell me what the DDP-IV and the Protease G2 are? And, why aren’t they in the broad spectrum Digest blends? Do you have one product to fit those of us who want to ensure digestion of gluten, but also want the other enzymes for a broad spectrum as well (also have other food intolerances in addition to gluten. )?"


DPP-IV and Protease G2 are specific, targeted enzyme blends that assist with the breakdown of gluten. DPP-IV in particular breaks down gluten, while protease breaks down the protein components of gluten substances (It also helps with the proteins in dairy/casein).

These enzymes are for people with food intolerance and sensitivity to gluten. They aren’t included in our general digestive blends, however they are included in "Digest Spectrum", which is a formula for MULTIPLE food intolerances as well as general digestion.

Here’s a link to Digest Spectrum, if you’d like to try it out, we’ve created a one time use code for free shipping: FBFREESHIP


Digest Spectrum™
Food intolerances are caused by enzyme deficiencies and can lead to digestive discomfort in both children and adults. Supplementing the diet with specialized enzymes for gluten, lactose, phenol and casein digestion may assist in lessening discomforts common to intolerance.*


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