Easiest Product for stress or travel

Pure Encapsulations is a great brand for the amino acids and mood formula needs. This product PureClear is pretty smart, including the rice protein and stevia, for any day when you are in a rush and just cannot give the attention to several different bottles of supplements. This has the basic vitamins, minerals, including B complex plus free-form amino acids (for Mood Cure aficionados).

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If you wanted to take ONE product on vacation/travel, this might be it. You could take it in your hotel room when you wake up to get your protein going and before you have a chance to visit the hotel breakfast bar. The protein is only 15g, so you have some leeway to also eat some food along with it.

I don’t know if this formula is going to proportionately be where I want to end up for my Master Supplement Plan (it might take me a year to get to my final maintenance plan), but I would certainly trust this for super busy days and travel, it would be MUCH better than nothing!!

Note the Vit E is from purified soybean oil.

Yep, it’s got tryptophan in it. I will be looking to switch from 5-htp to tryptophan when I can, next bottle and see if the effects work for me. Results will be skewed due to me taking the 5-htp now (since serotonin will build up over time, hopefully with either nutrient.) So, do what you will, but consider that if you are taking 5-htp, taking extra tryptophan may not be a big deal as you could have just as easily eaten a huge grass fed steak. My point: I wouldn’t worry too much about adding this onto my daily intake if I am traveling or having a stressful day.

Comments welcomed below! Do you have a rushed-morning fall-back plan, or things you plan to take on your next trip?

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