EO Formula: Alertness

Here’s an essential oil (EO) blend that I hacked from a blend that I purchased and enjoyed.  PRINT the recipe and save it in your EO garage until you can collect the individual plant oils.  I used blending guidelines from the Web to reverse engineer it.  I tried it yesterday and the scent was similar enough to the original, as I recall, and I will definitely make it again.My warning is that I tried to follow this recipe in the past and I didn’t have all the different oils, and it just didn’t come out nearly the same.

30% of the oils are top notes, 50% are middle notes, and 20% are base notes.

Alertness EO Blend Recipe

DROPS (20 total)

4 BASE Cedarwood

10 MIDDLE cinnamon + rosemary (5 each?)

6 TOP Peppermint + Eucalyptus + Sweet Orange (2 each?)

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  1. So excited to be starting down the essential oil path following closely at your heels.

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