EPA fish oil pick

My doctor goes by the same recommendation as Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. in The Ultramind Solution. These are the guidelines I’m following for Mind-Body improvement and mood repair.

The guidelines are:
1000 mg of fish oil twice per day containing a ratio of 300 EPA to 200 DHA. I’ve been playing with the math and deciding which product to get.

When I’m at home, my daughter and I both take the liquid form. It’s closer to the correct ratio and very concentrated. It allows me to intake less fat in total. It allows her to swallow a smaller amount of oil.

The capsules are for my guys, as well as for me when I’m traveling. If taking these, take 3 per day. Could take 2 with a meal then another 1 with a meal later. Or 1 x 3 meals.

My current understanding and knowledge of the product-sphere, is that this brand is highly trusted and very concentrated. For now, I’ll stick with this. I’ve got too many other fish to fry (well, bake, actually) right now and the simple answer is right here.

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