Estrogen balancing

Here’s a quick and dirty take on some of the reading that I’ve been squeezing in on why I may/probably experience PMS (the true definition is the classic mood symptoms a couple of days before the onset of menstruation, but doesn’t include the physical symptoms like cramps), as well as a bit of PMS type symptoms at the first drop in estrogen just after ovulation in the day 14-16 range. I also get small clots in my period and fatigue slowly growing over the past few years. I tend toward cravings and also allergies (food sensitivities, hives in the past before I started understanding and making changes). Magnesium deficiency. There are many symptoms, so do some reading at the end of this post and educate yourself on this common problem of too much estrogen in your body.

So, the story goes like this: the symptoms (and many others) are likely due to "estrogen dominance." And, while progesterone naturally helps to balance out estrogen, there’s not a lot to be done when the estrogen is very high due to sources coming from the diet and environment. There’s just not a good way for the body to be able to balance the onslaught of xenoestrogens or phytoestrogens (from plants). We can try to detox the liver, but that is more difficult if you just keep putting in the estrogens–it is difficult to keep up.

So, while my focus on trying to eat more Paleo-style (although by no means letting this become stressful, just working more at it), I have a little to-do list.

Maintain my reverse osmosis system for all water we drink.

exercise, lower stress and stay fit.

I decided not to do the seed regimen anymore.

I will try to do the lemon water in the morning.

Continue raw saurkraut* (Bubbie’s brand)

Also, I haven’t been good about avocados, but I will try to add more of those, and more broccoli and cauliflower.

I’ll stay on psyllium capsules.

And, I started B complex this past month and I think I’m doing well with that.

Stay on the Bone Up multi-mineral containing zinc and copper. (Learn more about copper relationship to PMS and how my supplements/diet may be affecting PMS)

Stay on my magnesium (as if I need encouragement to do that. It’s critical!)

Again, I think adding Vitamin E is next on my list. That is supposed to help with making progesterone, and for years I’ve noticed that it is often recommended as a basic supplement for various reasons.

I like to eat out but I may be more careful now. I’m not even sure what to eat at restaurants! But not soy. And, not breaded/fried foods.

Steer clear of caffeine. I already know I am sensitive to coffee, but according to the articles, all of us should steer clear of caffeine. I have seen many opinions back and forth on coffee always citing different reasons for and against. But, when I look at estrogen dominance, I now think of it as one of my primary "lenses" through which I look to make lifestyle decisions. I am thinking of what my children eat also and will educate them over the years about this. Neither boys nor girls will do well with extra estrogens.

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