Exhibit 1: FasciaBlaster

I am learning about fascia, and this testimonial on painful long periods and positive effects of the FasciaBlaster is very interesting!



I’ve been on a journey of discovery about body pain that manifests as torn muscles at worst, joint clicking or popping, tense and feeling like need to stretch, posture problems, constant tension in every muscle in my head and neck (including eye sockets) etc. etc. Pain and discomfort from head to toe every day. My best days are when I take pharma muscle relaxer pill.

I now have a new outlook on paying for things like this. Getting a professional massage might be $70-$100 per hour (or more!) and really doesn’t do much for me. So, paying $80 for a month of unlimited yoga or a tool like the Fascia blaster or Yoga Tune Up balls doesn’t phase me any more. My home will become a therapy clinic for myself.

P.S. I had my first Pilates private session (also $80 per hour) and it did really have good improvements for my lower back and posture. I will continue doing that until… when? And, I’m also trying Gyrotonic and will be trying other graceful or bouncing movement types of activities. And, yes, I do yoga–but it’s not sacred to me. I am re-evaluating that –again– too. I have lots of online resources about these and other emerging therapies & modalities, thanks to my lovely sisters.

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