Failure is an option

Hey, guys, after you watch this Video (1.5 minute), are you going to high-five your kid on his next failure?  How about yourself–what can we high five ourselves on today, that we are failing at RIGHT NOW??
Here’s the video:

Failures are awesome:  Learning to celebrate failure at a young age led to this billionaire’s success

Not trying is true failure.

Starting with ourselves is a great way–maybe the only way– to learn something so we can transfer it to our kids.  adult life (which is also a great place to start –maybe the only way–to begin implementing something you want to pass on to your children).

How are you failing right now?  And, what is the hidden gem?

So, to start the conversation… This week, I failed hard at getting through my piles of papers, which is a mountain of “things to prioritize and things to do” and “things to put on a list” etc. etc.  I’ve been here before. Underwater.  I need to write and find the hidden gems.


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