Female hormone cycles

When I was younger I heard the question of whether PMS was even "real" and women were just B*tchy. I realize that stems from a total ignorance of the chemicals our bodies produce (hormone, neurotransmitters), as well as a complete misunderstanding of how differently the male vs. female hardware (brain and body) gets set up during gestation. These chemicals are very powerful!

If you or your valued female friend has any kind of health issue, it’s good to get started with looking at the basic hormones. You can always work outward from there.

You can get started with the FREE quiz: http://nicolejardim.com/quiz/ You will then be emailed free videos to get educated and started. Then feel free to email me and let’s chat! I am estrogen dominant, but the changes I’ve made in the past few months have really had an impact! It takes real work to make lifestyle changes. Real. Work. But, worth it!

My daughter will have her own period coach in her own home. We will red tent, try to live toxin free, keep our blood sugar levels even keel, feed our bodies the nutrients through food and supplements, sleep well and try to stay out of the rat race.

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