Fish Oil, essential fatty acids

Here’s a mini supplement update on fish oil.

I’ve been taking cod liver oil for years. I recently started working with an integrative doctor at the Penny George Institute to improve my hormones and mood. She doesn’t seem to think I need the Vitamin A from cod liver oil–she must not be a Weston A Price devotee. I think the main reason is that she is trying to simplify my routine and she wants me to take a multivitamin, which would have vitamin A in it (I would make sure it is retinyl palmitate, not beta carotene. I’m pretty sure that with my likely nordic ancestry, I need the pre-formed Vitamin A). I will try to ask her about this again later, but for the meantime, I’m trying out her ideas in my experiment of one.

Switching to Fish Oil…

Her recommendation to me was to use a fish oil supplement with a 3:2 EPA:DHA ratio, with 1000mg of the EPA, which means that the DHA would be 666mg. Again, I’m not sure her reasoning for this yet, but I suspect it has something to do with my allergies.

I like the idea of the high potency fish oil because then I can take in the EPA without a high calorie/fat addition to my diet (I already eat a high fat diet and have no problem adding on fatty foods especially because I am eating a seed rotation diet and I love nuts and butter.)

So, the product that is the perfect solution is…

Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega Xtra

Amazon price is $67.96, and this seems so expensive, but look, I can take HALF TEASPOON and get the 1000mg of EPA. The price at the local co-op is $80, so I’m saving by buying on Amazon. (And, I am an Amazon Prime member, plus I get 3% cash back using my Chase Rewards Visa).

I still feel like I will need to eat whole sardines (for the livers) as well as some other animal livers to obtain vitamin A.

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