herbs: withania somnifera for stress and insomnia

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Here’s my general thoughts on using herbs.

I was friends with the wife of and with Jim McDonald (quoted in article). I didn’t get into using herbs very much and have never had a real consultation with an herbalist. But, that’s only circumstantial (busy lady as I am) and I have other health problems that I have to solve for myself. I certainly still consider herbalism for some things and may end up there, yet. And, "Chinese Medicine" could fit this too, it’s just that the herbs that the Chinese medicine doctor will give you have a different name, are most likely native to China, etc. American herbalism deals more with herbs that grow natively here. The knowledge is being sought from the Native Americans as well as explored anew by enthusiasts like Jim McDonald and his lot.

If you are going to take herbs, I think that they should be treated as medicine and you should have a consultation with an herbalist. Pay them as you would pay a doctor and you should find they are thorough and begin to understand your constitution and you may walk away with several herbs you should take all together to fit your whole picture.

The herbs should be of good quality and proper preparation. Herbs often work as nutritional support. The plants should be grown with love or properly harvested in the wild at the correct time for the plan to be harvested. There are some good brands you can buy off the shelf such as HerbPharm and Eclectic Institutes and some others.

If it’s in capsules and you bought the cheapest ones, while it came from a living plant and may be 2 years old by the time you got it, how can you know if it could have been effective if you had good, potent herbs?

We are often looking for one single miracle pill, but with an herbalist consultation, you may be able to look at yourself wholistically and take stock of some things in your life that can help you solve your health problem.

Herbalism is a paradigm of supporting vitality and continued learning.

If you are drawn to the description of what the herb is good for in the article link above, maybe it’s for you.

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