Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a chocoholic.

And I’m hiding the chocolate from myself.

Seriously. I asked Erik to help put it in a place I don’t know about. I mean, if he can wrest it from my cold dead hands.

This stuff is expensive. I’m not getting rid of it. But I can’t have it every day, anymore. So, off to some hidden reaches of the basement? it goes.

I was up late last night. I started reading online about PMDD. And found (via PaleoforWomen.com)The Mood Cure by Julie Ross (bought it). Woke up and took all my supplements and healing foods, and some Braggs Aminos. And some bacon.

Today I have my first swimming lesson.

I’m weapy, but determined and hopeful.

3 responses to “Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a chocoholic.

  1. Yay! I love comments! Thank you, Sister!

    I am still chocolate free! I am cooking far more Paleo this week. Just trying to keep up. I need some Lazy, soon!

    Today I made my macaroons sans chocolate. I tried some “English Toffee” stevia drops in them with browned butter and toasted coconut. They are “just okay.” Sigh.

    We are making pizza tonight. But, I don’t even care, because I’d rather be lazy.

  2. Day 1. I consumed lots of calories, but no chocolate. Lots of primal foods today, except lunch “had to be” a Wendy’s burger with half the bun. On the run, between one of my second opinion dentists about the TMJ / TMD and then to physical therapy.

    Is anyone else out there giving up something?

  3. Be STRONG, sister! I love the stuff too, but it’s a slippery slope–half the time I eat chocolate, I want something ELSE to go with it–nuts, wine, booze, or (gasp!) some awful gluten product! My we are products of our environment, aren’t we?

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