“I can’t remember to take my multi-vitamin!”

A friend of ours commented on my supplement routine.  She said, “I can’t remember to take my multi-vitamin!”

I can almost understand what you are saying, LOL!  But, seriously, as I contemplate this problem (maybe it’s not a problem for other people, but for me it would be, since my body quite clearly does need a multi-vitamin), some practical solutions come to mind.  After all, that’s probably why you read my blog at all.  All 17 of you.  So, here’s another peek into the brain of Rachel.

Try hooking one action to another.* (examples below)

Gretchen Rubin, author of “Happier” has identified different types of motivations for different personality types.  I really only know things about how I operate and try to use it to my advantage.  There’s always more that could be helpful, but those of us who are functioning adults usually kind of know some of the things about ourselves that work well, or don’t work well.

Another idea for personal change is to only allow yourself to make changes in tiny steps. Don’t try to do everything at once.  There are whole books on this one strategy, and I think it probably works for most people; it probably works best when done consciously watching your internal processes; and it may work better for certain personality-motivation types.  The idea here is to keep a limit on how fast you ALLOW yourself to change.  Best example is: if you want to do 30 push ups per day, you start by doing one push up after every bathroom break, but you do not ALLOW yourself to do 2 pushups.  You MAY only do 1 pushup!  Then, after a week, or a month, you can add 2 pushups after every bathroom break.

*EXAMPLES: I think spatially–I use the space around me for my reminders. The first thing I do for taking my first pill of the day is to put it by the water cooler and create a habit within the first 5 minutes of waking up either before or after going potty. Of course, there was a conscious process before I started doing this that asked… I value this enough to make a change, and I know I want to take it before I eat, so when and where is the best place for this to happen? The same type of question happened when I was asking myself how to get filtered water on the second floor of my house near the bedrooms so that people (particularly myself) could drink filtered water before/after bedtim and during the night. So, now my habits are being HITCHED to each other in a chain. When I go on vacation, often times I come back and forget previous routines because my space is all out of whack. But not every habit! I take the most important habits on vacation with me and try to set those up for a mini-routine on vacation. When I return, I unpack and put things back into their old places. And, I find that it’s okay for certain habits to fall away if I learn they are less important–there is still a logical ordering of priorities. Simply “not having enough time” can be a chance to look at what is important and make a decision where to focus effort.

By the way, I just went through my essential oils and skin products on/in my dresser. It’s like a “control center” for my skin. I don’t have enough room in our tiny bathroom for my products. Every so often I look at each item and figure out what’s working where it is based on current need. It’s okay to move things out of the main area into a less-visible storage space. Top of my dresser is a bit crowded, but it’s stuff that I am most interested in using at this time. Honestly, I could be even more organized. Simplicity and not having too many things is important. I focus on getting rid of things if I feel I can. And, putting things out of sight for sanity’s sake.

In my kitchen I have a shallow cupboard near the sink and fridge. This is a feature that I would duplicate and keep going in any future house for kitchen revamp. It works really well for me. I have a few refrigerated supplements and all I do is turn around and they are there. I have the water and ingredients I need to do the full supplement routine. I can see all the supplement bottles lined up in the cupboard and there’s nowhere else for them to go–they can’t fall back into a deep cupboard. A similar idea for the readers out there could be: get some racks from IKEA that go on the inside of your cupboard doors, meant for spices bottles and such. Get your supplement bottles lined up in a row! Make yourself a “supplements control center.”

I wonder if this is interesting food for thought for you.  And, I’m interested to hear the experiences of others.  You can always comment below…

2 responses to ““I can’t remember to take my multi-vitamin!”

  1. I DO find this interesting. I usually keep my multi vitamins on the butcher block of my kitchen island so I can’t miss them. I dk what happened to them… I am also inspired by you to get filtered water. I think we would all drink more water. What system do you use?

    • I am sticking with RO for the forseeable future! That’s “Reverse Osmosis.” I will not recommend the system that we have because it functioned beautifully the first couple of years, but we had a horrible year with problems with it this past year. It was a DIY, so we never had a “guy” come out to install it or fix it. We did that all ourselves and it was a PITA. Simple is really good. I suppose I would look at Costco for a system. Erik will likely take a crack at it again someday for the next RO system we buy. But, I have looked at some of the research and I believe that RO takes out 99.9% of all the bad stuff… everything. You need to add back in extra minerals to your diet if you drink RO water.

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