I just bought these supplements on Amazon

This is super quick for my family:

I’m taking my taurine and magnesium glycinate as powders cuz they’re cheaper that way. I use capsules for the family or for when I’m in a hurry.

This doesn’t represent my supplementation plan, just what I needed to restock today.

I will be using the date sugar sparingly, of course. Blood sugar regulation through proper diet has become a HUGE component of my happy brain and regulated hormones.
Buffered Magnesium Bisglycinate – Bio-Max Series Hypoallergenic 180 caps
Sold by: SuperNaturals
Condition: New

Bob’s Red Mill Date Sugar, 24-ounce
Sold by: SportingDoc
Condition: New

Thorne Research – Basic Nutrients 2 / Day – Complete Multivitamin / Mineral Formula – 60 Capsules
Sold by: iServe Products Product question? Ask Seller
Condition: New

Now Foods C-500 Ascorbate, Capsules, 250-Count
Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
Condition: New

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