I’m gonna Dental Health Upgrade Ya!

This is going to be a quick post, just a breadcrumb on your trail of health.

Thoughts on dental health re: tooth powder, tooth brushes, tongue scraping.

I used this recipe to make tooth powder:


I just looked for toothbrushes after reading the article and a couple of the follow up links. So I decided to shop for my next toothbrush. I found that Thrive Market (online) doesn’t have anything great, just the Preserve (which I am currently using), and Preserve’s website does NOT talk at all about their bristle technology.

The Bass toothbrush isn’t available on Thrive Market or Frontier. You can get it on Amazon.com. The Prime price is $7.25.

So I looked at a couple of other brands. The Smile Brite website does address the issue of rounding the nylon bristle tips. The bristles are not spaced apart like the Bass brush. If you already have troubles with gum disease then you will want to delve into that article more deeply. But, I’m going to take an intermediate route and go with the Smile Brite. I can get it from my Frontier co-op membership for just over $1 each.

Then I’ll brush with the better technique, small motions like a vibration back and forth in one spot, like I’m wiggling the bristles down between the gum and tooth (using the 45° angle).

Another one you can check into getting is the Mouthwatchers with very thin bristles described here: https://www.mouthwatchers.com/pages/flossing-bristles

One more thought is to start using a tongue scraper. I notice when I scrape my tongue regularly before bed, my oral health improves. The Smile Brite site also talks about tongue scraping and makes the point that you may even improve your sense of taste. That rings true for me.

That’s all, folks! If you make any changes or learn more, please post a reply or drop me a line.

4 responses to “I’m gonna Dental Health Upgrade Ya!

  1. Molly Taubitz

    Short video with some tips you might not have heard


    Essential oil on floss an easy step

  2. Update: I did purchase the calcium carbonate powder. I had accidentally bought granular xylitol which doesn’t work as well as powdered. So, I also ended up adding erythritol powder. I used essential oils I already had, and found doTerra Slim & Sassy oil to be a nice blend for toothpaste! The jury is still out on this one… whether I like it or not. Feel free to comment to ask for an update, or tell me if you tried this!

  3. Im thankful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

  4. I tried the recipe, but I don’t have the calcium carbonate powder. I have to decide whether I’m buying that. Not a bad investment as it can be used in emergency living situations as a dietary source of calcium, it’s shelf stable, so I know it will get used eventually. The main issue is: flouride or flouride-free toothpaste? I DON’T like flouride in my drinking water (I use RO) or bathing water (I don’t use anything to remove it, at this time) but, in the interest of keeping all my teeth til I die, I may need to use flouride. I think I need to try flouride free tooth powder for a year and see what happens with my dental x-rays.

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