Inositol (Vitamin B8)

Very interesting article for anti-depressant and anti Alzheimer’s!

‘Inositol is sometimes called "Vitamin B8."’

I’m on a B complex, I’m guessing for a long time to come. And if I decide to slack on it for awhile, I’ll be sure to go on it as soon as I get hives, hay fever, allergies, or stress or poor mood symptoms including food cravings (not taken care of by a proper modified Paleo diet)!

I’m taking Jarrow "B-Right" and so far as I go about my reading and checking it’s looking like a good formula. I’m taking extra B12 sublingually with it and making sure to get some folate with the b12. And, while I have an outbreak of hives, I’m taking it in the morning and at night. (I am re-developing my hives approach now in case it ever happens again.)

BTW, a multi vitamin is a broad brush – kind of generalized but the main advantage of it is the B’s that it contains. However, a B complex contains more of the B’s. And, the other things that are in a multi-vitamin can be gotten in other ways better for, say, the Vitamin A–it’s best gotten from Cod Liver Oil or eating liver. So, for the money, I buy the B Complex but not the multivitamin.

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