Is Thrive Market membership for you?

To shop on, you’ll need to purchase an annual membership.  I think it will be worth it under certain conditions:  If you don’t have a local co-op grocery store, you will likely want a Thrive membership.  If you are a busy professional, like my sister, and you want the convenience with relative assurance that the prices you’re getting are pretty good.  If you already shop at Whole Foods, then consider switching to Thrive. But, check out the selection first and see if you will buy enough there to make it worth buying a membership.  If you have a Frontier Co-Op membership, you probably don’t need a Thrive membership.

Here’s a sampling of product you’ll find on Thrive Market which I just purchased.  Keep in mind, you could buy many other great deals there, too.  I selected these after I checked prices and availability on Frontier Co-Op Wholesale (membership with Frontier is only $10 for lifetime). This is to say, that these are products that: A) I happen to want or need right now. B) aren’t available on Frontier or my other usual sources. And, C) are lower priced on Thrive.

Here is a coupon for 15% of Thrive Market and my sister will get some money toward her groceries.


My sister says this is the best natural deodorant, so of course I’m trying it.  You guys know me, but people this is my sister we’re talking about. The Real engineer.

$74.70 Subtotal
$0.00 Shipping & Handling
$2.91 Tax
$77.61 Grand Total

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