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Perhaps the best use of a blog is motivating the blogger!

I’m a listmaker. I probably make some kind of list every day.  I start from scratch every time and see how far I can get into refining the list to be better. It’s not pure repetition.  OCD, maybe.  But, it’s more about having a new living, breathing list generated out of the gray noise of my mind. The static of what it is I’m ruminating about.  I’m mostly focused on a great relationship with my Man, which overlaps deeply on my life’s venn diagram into other areas like being a better parent (to my Little Man and my Little Woman). Being a better mom helps me to get along better with my Man.  Being in better physcial shape, better health and better mind definitely gives me a more satisfactory relationships.  Any day I might be focusing on one area, or frenetically working on them all.  Lots of mental juggling!  Making a list makes me feel a little more in control;  perhaps I should say calmer.  Because I am remembering my top priorities.

Today’s List:   My Current Health Actions

My Current Health Actions

(this is not my to-do list. These are just some of my current goals and mental focus areas)

Drink water on a timer – reset timer for 1 hour after meals. Start the day with a full glass or two of water.

Breakfast seeds – Good job!  One month completed!  Continue my hormonal seed routine for breakfast.

Be Lazier. Lower stress (and stress eating). Volunteer less and take more walks! Read more. More baths. Anything that reduces stress is my job, while volunteering to work for people outside of my family is NOT my job!  Keep finding ways to manage stress and run the house more on auto-pilot, meeting our financial goals, etc.

Lunch time: Micro-Action item: begin using our kitchen pull up bar once. (I added this to my cell phones alarm system for 3:30 pm, when my muscles have been well warmed up during the day and I’m getting back from picking up the kids from school. That way, they’ll also see me doing a fitness item habitually—as much as possible.

Exercise every day. SOMETHING.

  • Walk around the lake.
  • Abs. Incorporate more from: or her older blog at:
  • Roller.
  • Good Job!  Keep lifting WEIGHTS!
  • Go back to OTF membership for a 1/week workout. (Add back in one workout per week, and keep 2 workouts at Kettlebells).  As a result of sitting down to make this list, posting it on my blog, therefore thinking about it more, I decided that Friday is the best day for my OTF workout. That way I do get 2 days to recover over the weekend before my Monday morning kettlebells.
  • Jade egg (need to research)

CLEAN EATING – focuses on the quality of your food.

  • Eat more veggies every meal.
  • No pork. Exception is special treats of bacon wrapped dates for the upcoming holidays.
  • No wheat! Limit grains
  • Continue my good progress on no fried foods at restaurants.

Walk after dinner every day. (This is the perfect time of year to use the excuse of taking a lantern around the block in the dark. The kids can get their treat at the local places instead of having treats sitting around in the house.)

SLEEP on time, in bed before 10pm. Every. Day.

Fitness Bucket List:

First Draft

  • Perhaps do a pull up, but not at the expense of injuring my shoulder muscles (have to work up to this). Micro-Action item: begin using our kitchen pull up bar once every morning.
  • Make a goal for wall climbing at Vertical Endeavors.
  • Take the more advanced Belay class at VE.
  • Circus Juventas class.
  • Work on Ice Skating. Hockey stop.  Confidently turn left and right. Skate backwards.
  • Run a 5K
  • Walk a great length, such as the Camino de Santiago or try the Appalachian Trail.
  • Stand Up Paddleboard

2 responses to “JOURNAL: Health Actions List

  1. Super inspired by your thoughtful lists and plans. Working on a few for myself now. Thanks!

    • Jane,
      It’s very encouraging to know someone is reading and getting something out of it. Thanks for taking the time to let me know! It would be a gift to hear how you are doing, what is inspiring and motivating you further. What else in life inspires you?

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