Journaling pen

For years, the Pentel R.S.V.P. pen has been my favorite. But I stumbled on one that writes so smoothly that it helps me write faster. This is great because, while I’m a very fast typist, I have trouble journaling because my hand cannot keep up with my mind.  The Pilot Precise V7 RT is my new top choice.  If you have a fast writing pen, please tell me so I can try it out!

Maybe the next step is finding the right paper too.

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  1. how are those Pilot Precise V7 RT pens treating you? This week I have been practicitng my hand writing. Sort of a handwriting mixed with journaling, and I switch back and forth depending on which frenetic thought is going through my head. Journaling with better handwriting which is not really in complete sentences. The pen is great. Y mom loves them, too. She writes a lot. Unpaid opinion.

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